10.29.99 Toronto, Canada


I Was There
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After "Burn To Shine", a birthday present was passed up through the crowd to Ben. He remarked "that is so kind of you, thank you very much", and the crowd sang part of Happy Birthday.

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Looking back at this concert - it was unreal to be there. Green - lots of green light rays - that's what I remember. Have seen Ben many, many times since - and yet, this one was one for the soul (as they all are in their own unique way). Quite possibly the one music inspired moment of my life that made a real honest-to-goodness change in my heart, soul and mind!!!

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I forgot to mention the beat boxing from the big white guy was unreal!

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It was one of the more intimate shows I had been to. It was so cool when the audience sang happy birthday, he was so humble, not to mention adorable!