02.17.00 St. Louis, MO

Mississippi Nights with Corey Harris

I Was There
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Ben used his new black double-neck guitar and jammed "Burn To Shine" repeatedly in the soundcheck with it, went back to old white double, then cracked the new one back out again.

Who Went

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my introduction to corey harris awesome
but nothing and no one can compare to BHIC

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Dear Ben,
Meeting you in St.louis before I left was life changing. As I look back in retrospect, I understand why things turned out the way they did. I realize also that I did not keep my word. I never meant to intentionally make that choice...I was trying to make some sense out of my life at the time, living abroad and trying to remain grounded in choices made. When I finally returned home 6 years later, back in my home town is when I finally got the chance to see you again:) So many years, so many woulda, shoulda, coulda's to ponder..
I thank you so much for enlightening me as a person. Your music touches so many people and that's what really counts in life. Who you inspire and how. That evening was long awaited for and you showered us with your mesmerizing voice and superb guitarmanship. I had the time of my life! And, it was here in St.Louis, the place I ran from only to return years later to once again be blessed by you.
Your long lost friend,
Theresa Louise Daniel Wangia