04.18.00 Paris, France

Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy with Gomez

I Was There
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On the last night of the European tour, the band played to a packed house of 18,000 fans. After "Pleasure and Pain" Ben said, "I want to thank you for being so quiet during the quiet songs. This is what makes it so special to me. I play in front of 500 people and they're way more noisy than you guys. Thank you for making this so intimate. Thank you." Written on Ben's acoustic guitar was "Free Leonard Peltier Now." For more information on who Leonard Peltier is and what you can do to help his injustice, please visit www.freepeltier.org.
Once again, Ben changed the lyrics in "Less" by singing "You'd shake hands with Allah" instead of "You'd shake hands with Jesus." The scheduled aftershow interview was reportedly not broadcast on the web.
A professionnal video crew filmed the show. You can view the entire performance in Real 8 streaming format at www.benharperlive.net. Swiss television station TSR2 aired the show in two parts beginning May 12 and ending May 19. French station M6 broadcast "Faded" on its web site at www.m6.fr.

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What can I say... Ben you became, somehow, one friend for me and my mother that day.

You probably dont remember this, but my mother and I met you before the gig, near the tour buses.

At that time i just lost my father 3 weeks before that venue, we told you about it and how it happenned, and you told us great words of advice and such positive vibes andstrenght with your words, just there in a tiny parking lot.

Later you started the gig with words like these (i trully dont remember them exactly but that was the idea): "I've met people just few hours before and this first song is for them"
That song was "oppression/get up, stand up"


Thank you for being so nice to people you meet, and for the great music too of course!