06.30.00 Chicago, IL

Soldier Field with Ozomatli, Dave Matthews Band

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Soldier Field - Chicago, IL

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The band's second night, mine too, at Soldier field. The weather was perfect..again. Ozomatli kicked things off with a great set that alot of people missed...their loss. It seems like ALOT more people were there when Ben started. Probably satisfied customers from the night before. Again the set was great. The get up stand up cover really got people into it. Less seemed out of place, I don't think it was a great choice for a DMB opener, but in classic Harper form, he made it work..and the crowd loved it. The set was a little more chill than the night before with a few more acoustic tunes. Sexual Healing was a last minute desicion by Ben who was given the black guitar to play Manic Depression on, and "sent it back". The highlight of the evening was when Ben sang a line or two from DMX's "Party Up" at the beginning of Steal My Kisses. It isn't everyday you hear Ben Harper rapping..in fact it's never until tonight. The crowd went nuts to that and the bands set really ended on a high note with the whole place on it's feet singing along. Again, DMB was pretty good. They had Al Green there for the filming of an IMAX movie. The song "take me to the river" had to be shot twice because of camera malfunctions. Local papers reported Green's salary of 1/2 million dollars for this one song which made me doubtful of it's quality, but Al came through and took a bunch of kids who were probably concieved to his music to the river.

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The weather isn't nearly as sunny as the day before, but that hasn't kept people from showing up at Soldier Field to get ready for another crazy day of having nothing but a great time. The people outside of the venue are on a mission for tickets in hopes that they can get in to another sold out show. The main entrance has a new sight to see