07.01.00 Milwaukee, WI

Summerfest Leinie Lodge @ Koss Pavilion with Guster

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BHIC headlined a hot summer night at the annual Summerfest.

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I was in row 2 for that insane performance. After seeing Ben open for DMB the previous 2 nights in Chicago, I drove to Milwaukee, slept in my car just so I could get there early enough to be in the first couple rows. Also got to see Guster open for Ben on that stage that night too.

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This was an amazing concert. Ben and the Innocent Criminals kicked it off with Glory & Consequence. It was amazing. He played two more electric numbers (Faded and Burn To Shine), then they played what seemed to be a definite crowd favorite, Burn One Down. After Three more great songs (ground on down, please bleed, and less) Ben played Oppression and Bob Marley's Get Up Stand Up. I think that was the highlight of the concert. When he started with the opening lyrics for get up stand up the crowd went off and I was going crazy (even though i knew he would play it). It was just awesome. Even though i got separated from almost everyone i knew there, i still had a great time and i left the concert with this feeling i witnessed something special. Thanks Ben for coming to Milwaukee and don't hesitate to come back!

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My third Harper show in 3 days. You'd think I'd be sick of standing,driving, yelling, paying..well I wasn't. Nothing says summer like a road trip to Milwaukee for a great concert. The opener was college favorite "Guster" an acoustic outfit with 2 guitarists and an insane percussionist. They were great and set a really nice mood for Ben. When Harper came out we were packed in their like DMB fans in their parents Jetta. This show should have been on the main stage but Christina Auguilera was there shaking her business for a mob of drooling packers fans. Anyway the set started with Glory and Consequence, again on the electric, which gives the song a very different feel. The set was great after that, very intense. Ground on Down stands out in my memory as one of the better versions I have heard. Some other nice suprises were By my Side and the Will to Live. I was amazed as the insanity of the crowd (including one lunatic who ran up on stage only to snatched by security seconds later)and by the intensity of the band who played the hell out of every song that night. Manic Depression was incredibly long, but incredibly awesome. Driving back that night we listened to Jeff Buckley's "grace" album and reflected on 3 straight nights of intense music brought to us by Ben and the band. I couldn't help but wonder if I'm exhausted from watching these shows...how does Ben feel...and how are they gonna do it again tommorow! The only let down was the lack of a short acoustic set, but I think the crowd would have been ridicuously unattentive because of all the beer they'd been chugging throughout the show, crazy cheese-heads.

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Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one big party. It has numerous stages for all kinds of music, which is played throughout the day. People are out to enjoy the sunshine, rides, beer, roasted corn, and most of all, the free music. The best thing at Summerfest is the cheap admission and all of the free musical performances that you can imagine