07.02.00 Cleveland, OH

Nautica Stage with Ozomatli

I Was There
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Ben was in great spirits commenting, "I'm glad that that Goddamn flag in South Carolina finally came down. I apologize to God, but I believe that even God would have dammed that flag after all that has happened. Not that I am trying to speak for God or anything, though."

"Manic Depression" was on the setlist to close the show, but was not played.

Who Went

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I had originally came to see my latin favorite, Ozomatli. I soon found out why they were the opening act. Watching Ben Harper amazed me song after song. I was quickly drawn into the power of his lyrics. To this day, Waiting On an Angel is one song that I can listen to every day. Just an incredible show. It would be awesome if the three ever teamed up again. Just come early to see ozomatli!

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Ben and the band put on an incredible show again. I first saw them in Detroit late in 1999. I was even more impressed with this show. I've always believed that the great bands are the ones that sound better live than on the cd. These guys are among an elite few.