07.03.00 Pittsburgh, PA

Three Rivers Stadium with Ozomatli, Dave Matthews Band

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Three Rivers Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reviewed the event.

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"There was little itty-bitty rain an' big ol' fat rain" during the show at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA. People are tailgating in the parking lot, and others are running around in ponchos outside the round, six-leveled stadium while Ozomatli performs inside. Almost time for B.H. and the Innocent Criminals to go on stage. She walks into the stadium, surprised by the fact that no security person searches her bag. Following the signs to the closest field entrance of three, she discovers an extremely long line of people waiting to have their tickets checked so that they can sport snazzy, lime-green striped wristbands as proof of their elite seats. She walks around to the next entrance only to find that an even longer line exists. Her heart begins to panic as Ben Harper and the IC start their set with "Glory and Consequence". Finally, she comes to the field entrance at Section One; she gets in line five feet from the stairs that lead down to the field, finding her seat eighteen rows back on the far right of the stadium floor just in time for "Faded". She notices that the front rows of the center section are on their feet, and one person is holding up a red paper sign which reads, "Dave smoke my kind?" on the back; unfortunately, the front can't be seen by the crowd. The song ends, Ben gives a very grateful "thank you," and announces, "We're Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals." "Burn To Shine" is dedicated to many phenomenal athletes such as, Lynn Swan, Joe Green, and Roberto Clemente. During the song, Ben's voice echoes through the back speakers because no delay system is in use; however, the song still rocks. Ben introduces the "mighty Juan Nelson," Dean Butterworth ("yes, his last name is really Butterworth"), and David Leach. DMB and Pittsburgh are graciously given thanks, and Ben mentions that "as a performer it's important to know where you are because you don't want to come out and say, 'Thank you, Detroit!' when you're really in Pittsburgh." A long intro begins "Forgiven," and a guy at stage left busts out dancing and mouths along to "arms aren't made for battle, but to share in your embrace." "Woman in You" is about to be played; Ben dedicates it to Curtis Mayfield. Ben displays his amazement of playing in this stadium by saying, "Man, Lynn Swan. I bet he caught a TD right here!" Ben then leans back in his chair, extending his arms overhead, enacting the motion of reaching for a TD pass. During "Burn One Down," Dean stands behind his drum set and influences everyone to clap to the beat; however, a few moments later, Ben consults the crowd on their clap tempo in order to get it just right. There are a few people who light up, and there are others who stand up to enjoy Ben's forceful singing. Juan moves down stage to excite the audience with an incredible bass line. During "Ground On Down," at the end of the jam, Ben lifts his guitar from his lap and pushes it toward Juan's bass. "Manic Depression" follows with a Ben twist. During the jam, Juan moves over to stand on Ben's riser. "Steal My Kisses" comes last. Juan scratches on the bass strings, and Nick pumps it out as usual. Only this time, Nick and everyone else have to hold it a little longer due Ben's mic. not working. Of course, that's what can happen without a sound check. No worries