07.05.00 Detroit, MI

Comerica Park with Ozomatli, Dave Matthews Band

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Comerica Park - Detroit, MI

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Today is the day of beauty. It is nothing but that at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI. There is a swarm of people filling in the row of promotional stands on their way to the entrance of the stadium. Why would so many people choose to take this path to the entrance? Well, it's because each set-up is giving away free stuff! There are new Pepsi products, temporary tattoos from radio stations, and free Ben Harper and Innocent Criminal posters, stickers, and postcards; all of which are being given away. The main entrance is absolutely stunning. Larger-than-life Bengal tiger statues sit in front and on top of the stadium gates, and the pillars are constructed as enormous baseball bats. The elaborate structure could growl and speak "baseball" if it had the ability to do so. This will be the first concert to be held at Comerica Park since its recent completion. Having already missed Ozomatli, she rushes through the crowd to the escalator, which slowly moves approximately fifty people up to the top floor. Practically swimming through the people in line for memorabilia, drinks, and food, she eventually gets to Section 341. Pausing, she hopes that it isn't behind the stage like the higher numbered sections at Soldier Field. She takes a deep breath and crosses her fingers. She walks out to the seats, lets out a big sigh of relief, and asks the usher to help her find her seat. It's not awful at all! She takes her seat in an open stadium box, only four rows back from the ledge. Just as she looks from her bird's-eye view at the rest of the stadium, Dave Matthews walks on stage to introduce Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals