07.11.00 East Rutherford, NJ

Giants Stadium with Ozomatli, Dave Matthews Band

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

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It's a mellow day in the hot sun outside of Giants Stadium. There aren't many people hanging around, and a carnival, that had been in the stadium's parking lot, is being taken apart piece by piece. A mist from sprinklers nearby cools her skin, and a comforting breeze makes the heat bearable for the rest. It is getting closer to 6:30p.m., and more concert-goers arrive. An announcement can be heard from the nearest entrances, explaining the rules of the stadium such as, "no drinks are allowed inside" and "this is a smoke-free facility." She turns to someone and asks the time; it's 6:57p.m.. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals go on in three minutes!!! She sprints over to the "field seating" entrance, has her bag checked, and continues to breeze through the crowd to get to her seat. Whew! She made it just in time to hear Dave Matthews announce the guys, "I hope that if you don't already know who these guys are, you will after this." "Faded" immediately puts a smile on her face, and it's over before she knows it. "Ground On Down" makes her move feet as she watches others sit and listen. Ben gives a softly spoken thank you, and "Forgiven" begins with its intricate intro. As she moves up closer to the stage, the emotion rises up from her feet to her heart, and she smiles. Ben thanks DMB, introduces the guys and himself, and thanks the people for listening. The "Gold to Me" guitar is brought out, and just before it starts, Ben says, "We are Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals." For some reason, a few guys who claim to be huge fans of Ben and the IC keep interrupting the song to ask her questions about the next couple of shows and wonder why Ben hasn't played any acoustic. Politely, she defers their questions and keeps dancing and enjoying the pleasure in the song. A guy in the row before her calls someone on the phone to share the song. The jam moves into "Fight For Your Mind," Tom runs out to switch guitars with Ben, and Juan begins rippin' up the bass solo, moving closer to the audience. She grooves to the bass and the clear sound of Dean's drums. David steps forward with a bright smile and begins "Burn One Down." Juan dances to the beat before moving up to center stage, attempting to get people in the front to sing out, "I'm gonna burn one down." Of course, there wouldn't be any burning at this venue because it's a smoke-free facility. Ben dedicates "The Woman in You" to Curtis Mayfield and reminds the audience that they are "Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals." The energy from the crowd isn't nearly as strong as she had hoped, and there are more distractions than she is used to at a show. However, Ben and the guys put out so much on "Woman In You" that "Steal My Kisses" lift things up even more. Ben gets up to dance, and then he disappears behind his chair when he steps off his riser to move around more. He moves over by Nick and leads the guys in a jumpingfest. More people get up and dance to the happy-go-lucky beat and help end the song with a strong, congregated clap. She watches Ben leave the stage first and wonders if it's a mellow night for everyone. She overhears people expressing their appreciation for the music and for BH and the Innocent Criminals as she moves toward the exit. Leaving through Gate C, she is told, "once you leave you can't come back," and she replies, "That's cool; I only came to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals; have a good night."