08.19.00 Boise, ID

Sandy Point Beach with Alvin Youngblood Hart

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"Touch From Your Lust", a brand new song, is played for the first time live.

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There is a relaxing vibe in the atmosphere of Lucky Peak Dam where Sandy Point Beach sits. Whether the force creating this energy is the beauty in the flowing water surrounding the venue or in the anticipation of the show, everything seems to be as close to perfect as it can get. The stage faces the dam itself on which a sign formed of green colored rocks is displayed, which reads, "KEEP YOUR FORESTS GREEN." It's six o'clock in the evening and people are beginning to form a line along the make shift fence. The Sandy Point Beach is being closed off to those without tickets by means of a black plastic tarp fence, which any daring person could roll under. The sun shines brightly during the set of the Alvin Youngblood Hart band and only begins to dim in strength when the stage is being prepped for BH and the IC. It's 8:45p.m.; the guys take the stage and drop right into "Burn To Shine." Ironically, there are a few fire retardant planes flying overhead during this song. "Glory and Consequence" is hot and smooth...it just amplifies the pleasing vibe in the crowd. Ben introduces the band, gives thanks to the Alvin Youngblood Hart band, and gives props to the road crew for doing all of the amazing things that they do. She notices that "Please Bleed" is not carrying the same frightening intensity as she has experienced before, but instead it is almost piercingly beautiful. The spotlight shines on David as he steps down stage right. David breaks into the beat of "Burn One Down" and the audience gives back up in their clapping and singing. The hills behind the stage are transforming from 3-dimensional structures into dark and flat silhouettes enhanced by the light blue, just before dark, colored sky. This entirely gorgeous process is complimented by "Excuse Me Mr.," leaving the transition into "Burnin' and Lootin'" to carry everyone into the darkness of night. Dean powerfully ends the delicate and elaborate "Forgiven" and without any time they jump into "Faded." During the first break, which flows into the instrumental section of the song, Ben lays into some fat special sound effects riff. She is standing elbow to elbow with people on either side of her in hopes to keep enough room to dance, however, "Whipping Boy" starts and some young and intoxicated girls push forward leaving absolutely no room behind her. This becomes aggravating as soon as the girls begin talking to her and when it becomes more of a struggle to have any room to feel safe. Ben mentions to the crowd that there was a woman at the Deer Valley show that went into labor during their set. Juan comments to Ben, "I hope they name it Juan." "The Woman In You" came across with so much power, especially at the break before "half a man..." Tonight's show is definitely an attraction for moths and smaller flying bugs...they are swarming the guys on stage by the masses. Ben reminisces about the anti-bug product, 'OFF!' "Do you remember when you were little and you went camping...your mom would just spray you all over? (Ben imitates the spraying)" The guys break into an extreme "Less," which gives plenty of energy and enthusiasm to push people back while dancing. Ben introduces Innocent Criminal Nick for "Steal My Kisses." There is just so much happiness that accompanies this rhythm. Girls are being lifted into the air by other people in the crowd in attempt to body surf on everyone's hands. One girl is dropped on her head, but she pops back up and keeps dancing. The song ends, and the crowd goes out of control with their cheering and screaming until Ben returns for his solo acoustic set. He starts it off with a bluesy "One Road To Freedom," which is sung very strongly in order to be heard over the crowd, which is currently mimicking a store full of espresso makers. "By My Side" is like a dream and pulls those who are listening through their hearts in closer. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no respect given during "I Shall Not Walk Alone." The guys come back out for another super short set. They start out with a brand new song, "Touch From Your Lust." Whoa!! Okay, now that is sweet! At the end of the song Ben mouths a "sorry" to Dean and then turns to the crowd and confesses, "I fucked it up. We'll get it. It's the first time we've ever played it." Still feeling incredibly impressed by the song, she knows that Ben will keep good on that comment. No doubt. David gets the gold for "Oppression" into "Get Up Stand Up." David just busts out...he goes off as if there were no end in sight. When the song ends with David jamming, the crowd goes crazy and cheers for a good and long time. David stands there looking as if he were in amazement. She grins and projects a deserving vibe towards David. Everyone knows that he deserves this blast of gratitude. "Ground On Down" is led in by a smokin' intro. and just keeps pumpin' it out from there. Knowing that the energy has been heightened by David's jam...and to end it with "Ground On Down"...she knows that it is going to be difficult to leave. The end has come. Ben stands up and leans to the mic., "Thank you, I hope that we can all be together again." Dean and David follow Juan and Ben off stage as the crowd resonates with whistles and screams of a need for more. As expected, there is not much time to come down from the surge of energy before the security interrupts conversations to move people out of the 'fenced' area. She stands and watches as people leave. She picks out those who truly felt the experience because they are practically floating towards the exit. The weather is still warm and the sky is clear enough to see the different clusters of stars...time to wander home.