08.20.00 Post Falls, ID

CDA Greyhound Park Amphitheatre with Alvin Youngblood Hart

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During "Please Bleed" Ben went off on the final chorus yelling the words, and spent a good 2 minutes strumming the final chords while repeating "so I know you are real" while the band looked on. During "The Woman in You" Ben absolutely screamed the final choruses. Ben got up and danced at the end of "Steal My Kisses" and tried to start a mosh pit with Juan. After "Walk Away" Ben thanked the crowd for how quiet they had been and said he had planned on doing 3 acoustics, but decided they could handle another. "Touch from your Lust" is a song Ben described as "very very new" and it was amazing. Famous Juan Nelson bass solo and P-Funk/James Brown thrown in on "Fight For Your Mind." After "Fight" the band put down all their instruments and David had even left the stage while Ben just sat there for a second thanking the crowd. He asked someone on side-stage what the time was and said, "We're already late, but I think we'll play some more." And that led to "Manic Depression" with a great exchange between Ben and Juan with Juan joining Ben on his raised platform.

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Hands down one of the most amazing performances ever!! ...for anybody, not just Ben. It was a great set, and I, along with the rest of the concert veterans, could hardly believe it when he got up and started jumping and dancing during 'Steal My Kisses', and the dust in the first few rows was ridiculous, but all the greater.

The encore, by that time, was just the sweetest icing on the cake. He came out by himself for 'Widow of a Living Man', 'Waiting on an Angel', 'Walk Away', and then he thanked the large audience for being so silent and reverent and told us he'd do another song, just because of that, 'I Shall Not Walk Alone'. The silence with only ben's voice and his acoustic during that time, along with the aura of lights illuminating behind him truly brought me to tears. Then the five-song, second encore with the band was awesome; I hope to see his new song 'Touch From Your Lust' on an album soon.

After the concert, there was a drum circle in the parking lot, near the tour bus entrance/exit. About 20 minutes after it started, Dean and David (of course the two percussionists) came out to see what was going on and chilled for a bit.

A great show for this small Northwest town!

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I am a huge Ben Harper fan and have been since the first time I heard his angelic voice. This concert was awesome. I'll never forget jumping up and down with the crowd to "Steel my Kisses" -I still have dust behind my eyelids. I can't wait to do it again soon!

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Out of all 3 Ben concerts I've been to, this was definately the best. I don't think it would be fair to say I am his biggest fan, but i am very close to that. I was front row, center and got hooked up with backstage passes and go to chill with Ben and the band after the show. It was amazing! Plus I have pictures and autographs to prove it!