08.22.00 Edmonton, Canada

Frances Winspear Center for the Arts with Alvin Youngblood Hart

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Frances Winspear Center for the Arts - Edmonton, Canada

"Jah Work" was on the setlist, but was replaced by "By My Side."

Who Went

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You could feel the excitement all around you starting outside the amazing facilities which we would later lose part of our lives to. People who could not get/afford tickets were outside strumming and singing with bongos and homemade rythym devices creating a most amazing entrance to the winspear centre. But inside made you feel like royalty, like you were one of the few fortunate to witness the best possible entertainment to shuffle through our city. Before Ben or Alvin even took the stage the show had begun, the winspear centre had become our own, never before were there dread heads or herb or such a free minded and spiritual crowd roaming the lobby and seating area. Ofcourse the show was absolutely spectacular, starting with Alvin Young Bloodheart, who gained plenty of new fans Im sure. Ben walked on stage and the place was deafening and it seemed no one would stop cheering and the show would never start, thankfully the band started anyways with Burn to Shine. From there we witnessed everything we could of possibly expected from such a great performer and writer, only wanting more. During the acoustic encore you could look around and see people crying, including my own company, It was definetley moving. The bad part was ofcourse the ending, the feeling of dispair and wonder, Can I get tickets for the Calgary show tommorow night? This must never end, but if it must then it must and we can only pray that they will come back again. Im sure they will.