08.29.00 Sacramento, CA

Memorial Auditorium Sacramento Convention Center with Maceo Parker

I Was There
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Ben received a plastic toy alligator with a letter in its mouth from an audience member following "Oppression/Get Up Stand Up." He held up the alligator and began to play around with it. Wondering if the alligator could play guitar, Ben used the mouth of the Alligator to play a few notes on the Asher. Then he held up the message which was on several pieces of paper that were rolled up such as a giant joint ('bout 12 inches long). Ben then told the audience about these kids in Vancouver with the most enormous joints. He said that when he first saw the paper in the alligator's mouth that he was worried that those same guys were following him. He dedicated "The Woman in You" to Curtis Mayfield.

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Tonight Ben and the boys would give a surprisingly inspired performance despite a rowdy and obnoxious audience. The show was opened with a powerful performance of I Want to Be Ready, one of his less often played songs. Ben and the IC's continued to proceed to play some of his older tunes from WTTCW, FFYM, and WTL. Faded was given a new twist that I had never heard before where Ben hits a new solo before playing the regular solo during Faded. As it turns out, the new solo was a very raw version of what is now known as the Whole Lotta Love segue.
The acoustic encore was relatively short because Ben could not possibly compete with the yelling and screaming coming from the audience. During Walk Away, one girl scream for Ben not to walk and to stay here and play. Obviously, interupting any performer while they are playing is not the way to make them feel appreciated.
The second encore was good w/ a performance of the band's new song Touch From Your Lust. The show was really good but the atmosphere surrounding the performance leaves a negative picture in my head.