08.30.00 San Jose, CA

Event Center San Jose State University with Maceo Parker

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Killer show but not as good as the Greek. Ben made several comments about that during that gig.

I think I got laid at this show... nope, it was the Greek. Sorry.

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Great show tonight. One of the best ever for me. Definitely top 3. He just keeps getting BETTER EVERY TIME. He did things tonight that I have never seen. The intro to Forgiven was phenomenal. Every show I have seen, Ben gains more command of his voice and takes it to places never imagined. He plays his voice like an instrument and beautifully so. The energy tonight was amazing, and the crowd wasn't bad at all. He said, "The better you get, the better I get." and "We got that Austin Powers thing going tonight...keep it coming". The band was outstanding with David doing a great jam in Burn One Down. He keeps getting better too. Juan was all over the place and really let loose in "Fight for your Mind" of course, but really laid down some tasty stuff in "Steal My Kisses" as well tonight. Ben is turning into quite the showman and seems so comfortable in front of the crowd. He was given flowers by one adoring fan, and a shirt and cap by another. The shirt had DANK written on it and after reaching down and picking it up, he showed it to the crowd and said "Some guys get bras thrown at them onstage...I get DANK t-shirts."

And contrary to popular belief, Ben does not sit down during the show at all....he floats. Yep, I saw it myself. He was fricken levitating. Well....it seemed like it anyway.


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What can I say? This was my first Ben Harper concert, but I have been listening to him for well over 6 months now and I am in love with him and his music.....He was absolutely incredible in concert and I could not have expected anything more. What I wouldn't give to meet this incredible musician and songwriter. His music takes my breath away and he amazed me in concert. Who would think that a man sitting in a chair with his slide guitar could captivate an auduience so easily? Unbelievable! If anyone ever has anything they can possibly send me about upcoming appearances or ways to contact him, please Email me. It would really be helpful. Thanks and see this man in concert.

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-my 2nd Ben Harper (and band) show
-the opening band was great. I would give them credit, but I can not recall their name. sorry. Jazz/funk/a little hip hop.
-Ben and the boys came out and ripped up a few songs.
-It was small enough that Ben decided to tell some stories.
-I brought this girl. It was her first time seeing the band and she was diggin it. Then I saw a whole bunch of my friends I didn't know were coming
-Juan was especially on.
-Ben did a little dance during "steel my kisses"
-I tripin so this guy I didn't even know offered me some of his water.
-good show

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At first glance, any show at a basketball gym sounds like a drag. However, tonights show provided some incredible experiences. First off, the venue was dark enough inside to where the light show on stage looked absolutely incredible. The lights seem to accent the music so well that I felt as if I was leaving San Jose and embarking on a long strange trip. Juan does a super job with his solo during Fight for your Mind. And Ben's intro into Forgiven was absolutely beautiful, almost angelic.