08.31.00 Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Bowl with Alvin Youngblood Hart

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"The Woman in You" was dedicated to Curtis Mayfield. Ellen Harper (Ben's mom) sat in on "Tomorrow is a Long Time", a Bob Dylan tune.

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This is not really a review but so what, it's appreciation.And you are all right. It was his mother and grandparents (maternal) who introduced him to music and guided him. When I saw the picture of him and his mother I was very moved. I've known Ben since he was a Junior in high school and he has evolved into a truly beautiful person and I am very proud of him. Keep up the good work and I am glad you found yourself and was strong enough to be that person. Mel is proud of you.

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What more can I say? The Santa Barbara Bowl is definately among the most beautiful and breathtaking venues that I have ever been to. I got myself an excellent spot on the grass, and witnessed a pretty decent show. During the entire show I got this feeling that something out of the blue was going to happen tonight. As it turns out Ben welcomes his mom out to the stage at the end of the acoustic set and the two would play Bob Dylan's Tomorrow is a Long Time. Incredible performance by Ellen and Ben Harper. The duet nearly brought me to tears. While it was incredible for the fans to witness, one has to think that the person who was probably most overwhelmed with emotions was Ben. To think that Ben was able to share the stage, after all the success he has had, with the person that not only taught him just about everything including the guitar, but the same person that loved, nurtured and guided him to become who he is today.

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This was my 2nd show, and even though I was late because of the guy that I went with, it was still a lot of fun!! The Santa Barbara Bowl is definitely one of the most beautiful venues in the country, like he said. It is outdoors and overlooks the ocean. The venue was as good as I had heard and the sound was very good too, which is unusual for an outdoor place.

Here are some of the highlights for me.
He played a new song, Touch from your Lust!! I love to hear new material for the first time, it is a very heavy song but at the same time not too similar to other songs they have done. It is reminiscent of the "Burn to Shine" era as far as the style is concerned.

The special guest was his Mom!! That was amazing since I never expected that when he announced it. The song was really cool and it was a triumphant moment for him, I could tell. He hugged his mother and it was appropriate that they did this since she probably introduced him to a lot of music and influenced him a lot when he was growing up.

Manic Depression is just insane, you have to really be there to experience it for youserlf. Ben did a cool little fast jam with the bass player in the middle of the song.. it was probably about 10-15 minutes long!

Ben was dancing around a lot during steal my kisses and even ran up and kinda jumped on the bass player and fell over to the ground.

The crowd was pretty loud, unfortunately even a few people yelling during the acoustic set.

He thanked the audience a few times and he said he really appreciated us all being there.
While introducing the band, he went though the members and said the 5th innocent criminal of the evening was Mom!

The lighting was overdone i think, but it was great during the acoustic section and during the crazy guitar of manic depression. there was a screen in the background also that showed some patterns, similar to Pink Floyd.

I forgot to mention that there was a guy behind me who had never heard ben before, at least didnt have the albums..
he was totally blown away and was raving about him during the show.

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Thank you Ben!! He gave us a fantabulastic experience, while the sun set and the moon rose over the ocean. He treated us with my all-time, By My Side; The Woman in You dedicated to Curtis Mayfield; a duet with his mama (!) of Tomorrow is a Long Time (work of Dylan's?); and a second encore of Opression/Get Up STAND Up, Touch from Your Lust, and Manic Depression. Unheard of! Yet Ben seems to make it all possible. paz, Miranda