09.09.00 Los Angeles, CA

Greek Theatre with Blackalicious

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For the last song of his acoustic encore, Ben said, "I would like to invite someone out to join me this evening. It's ridiculous to say a special guest. ... I'd like to invite out my mother." The duet played Bob Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time".

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This was my 3rd show and the best one that I have seen so far. The Greek Theater is a small venue with great sound and lighting and it is perfect for the vibe of this band. I was very excited, even though I had just recently seen them in Santa Barbara.

Faded with the medley of Whole Lotta Love was very cool.. first time that was played live, and it was very exciting since it was a complete surprise, and he can sure sing it well!
Sexual Healing was also very cool, great arrangement and the acoustics were very good so it had the impact it was supposed to. My friend Cristina said it was the highlight of the show for her.

Forgiven had a great indianish intro, which was new. I just love all the improvisations that they do live. I like Don't take that Attitude a lot better live, and the medley is always a nice bonus. The Woman in You had tortured vocals, a very emotional song. Roses from my Friends was one of my favorites, and it was amazing to hear that one live!! Unfortunately some people talk and make noise during the acoustic set, which is very annoying!!!

Then his mother came out to play on the song Tomorrow is a Long time, that was a beautiful moment since I could tell that they were having a great time!
The acoustic set is always a highlight, a very emotional time for him and I believe it is when he connects to the audience the best.
Manic Depression is a killer jam which was really long and showed a completely different side of the band, and a great way to end the show, with a lot of energy!

A soulful show like this is very refreshing and inspiring ever time, especially to people who have not seen the band before!

Other comments:
Someone gave him some sunflowers in the beginning.. and he talked about the Lakers and everyone cheered then he said there were some NY, Sonics and even trailblazers fans out there..
Also, someone threw a teddy bear up on stage where it sat during the whole show!

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