09.10.00 San Diego, CA

Street Scene with Lucy Pearl, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, B-Side Players

I Was There
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BHIC headlined the Best Buy Stage at the San Diego Street Scene.

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This was the first time that I ever saw Ben Harper play. My friends had told me about him and I am always down to see a live concert, so after Lucy Pearl played we went right up to the front row, and from the first song that he played I was immediately blown away. The sound was great you could feel every note that he played, and could feel the warmth of his singing and the lyrics. The next day I bought all of his albums. Instant fan.

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Street Scene was one of the best days thanks to ben!On holidays from Austrlia my friends took me to street scene, the second time to see Ben Harper, once before in Sydney. Seeing him perform Front row gave me the oppurtunity to really be able to feel his music, but not just listen, seeing him face to face watching him likes he's some kind of angel. He sat the whole show except when he played "steal my kisses", where the crowd jumped around with him, it was great! His humble and spiritual nature touch the crowd and everyones silent just so in ore of him and his music whilst taking in every word he sings. He is so amazing in everyway and his music touches you in a way that's indescribable and any true fan will know what i mean! Thanks Ben for making my trip so worth while. Ashlie in Oz