09.15.00 Kansas City, MO

City Market with DJ Logic's Project Logic

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Harper has been in my vocabulary since 1996 but I waited until 2000 to see him live. What an amazing reward to see him in Kansas City! (I was awe struck at the fact I was actually there.) I've been told that Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals put on an excellent show but in my eyes it exceeded more than I could have expected. When "Another Lonely Day" hit the song list I honestly forgot that there was anyone surrounding me and my eyes stood fixated and mesmerized toward the stage. I don't ever remember having chills like that listening to Harper's music. However, after the concert, I'm not only a more convicted fan, I now have even more respect for an artist I already loved.

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This show was absolutely amazing! It was my first ben show and I was absolutely blown away! He played with such emotion at this show and everyone was riding on the same emotional train as him. Amazing show and I hope my next ben show is as good or even better!!!