09.21.00 Toronto, Canada

Sears Theatre Air Canada Centre with Galactic

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An absolutely transedental experience..I went with a beautiful woman and she has since been long forgotten, but this event has put roots down roots in my mind...I only wish it went on forever (the concert, that is!)

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A concert like this only comes once in a lifetime. Ben's music continues to touch my heart and the hearts of thousands of others. Thank you for one of the most memorable concerts I have been to in my life.

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Every time I hear a Ben Harper song it takes me back to that night. Live, Ben is impossibly good. I cannot wait for another perfect combination of Ben Harper and Toronto.

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There is no questions asked when it comes to Ben Harper. He is the most inspirational person, threw his music, that has ever entered my life. Seeing him live is UNREAL. You are sucked into this world that is peaceful and true. You never want it to end. It was the best concert I have ever been to.
Thank You Ben, you have made such a difference in my life. I only wish I could see you more.

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The show at Air Canada Centre in Toronto was my first Harper show and he didn't disapoint. Sorry about the vauge review but the show was so long ago that i forget the details of the show but i know that i loved it. I've listened to tons of other shows and this is my favorite, maybe because it was my first. The setlist was incredible, when he went into Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now, i went fucken nuts, i love that song, and ending with sexual healing and faded was a nice touch. But the highlight of the evening was looking at everyone in the crowd burning one down, during BURN ONE DOWN, so beautiful seeing everyone "lighting their fire" and to see everyone use the blessing of the earth.