09.24.00 Northampton, MA

River Fest Three County Fairgrounds with Toots and the Maytals, Juliana Hatfield, Rahzel, Sonic Youth, Galactic, Sleater-Kinney, Martin Sexton, Groove Collective

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - River Fest - Northampton, MA


The festival ended abruptly during the middle of "Faded" due to a power outtage!

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This show was intense; it seemed as if Ben was almost mad at his guitar and the microphone. Please Bleed and The Woman In You had me swirling in ecstasy, and Ben seemed to be at his wailing/screaming peak. I noted a hint of anger/bitterness as Ben was joking with the bootlegger, especially when he said "you're not gonna go sell that on ebay are you?" I was disappointed when Rahzel did not come over for Steal My Kisses, but he put on a smoking show earlier in the day. The Forgiven Intro was the best I've ever heard, and the longest too. It looked as if David, Dean, and Juan were unsure if it was ever gonna end. The encore was disappointing to say the least, especially since I was looking forward to the Whole Lotta Love insertion. I heard a lot of people say that Faded was cut short by a power failure, but I also know that the Three County Fairgrounds has a history of pulling the plug on acts if they go over curfew time . . . that was another thing that seemed to frustrate Ben, power outtage or not. My bottom line: Ben looked frustrated but it lead to some intensity and creativity in the music. Loved it, as always.