10.25.00 Dallas, TX

Bronco Bowl Theatre with Blackalicious

I Was There
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In his best Dr. Evil voice, Ben joked about his profanity in a article about MP3 theft published October 20th in The Salt Lake Tribune.

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My second Ben show to attend, the first being KC 2/19/00 at the Uptown- a spiritual experience for sure. This show tho, the set was unbelievable, and the crowd was really focused on Ben, even after a dissapointing opening act. I enjoy the Bronco Bowl, not a horrible seat in the house, and you can get close to the stage easily. Ben opened with a raging "Forgiven"- my favorite and from there on out I was completely unaware of anybody offstage- including my girlfriend. I was totally in another world when Star-Spangled banner was electrified thru the crowd. The real treat was Grave/Concrete Jungle- especially Leach- oh man. I noticed that Juan is extremely popular with the crowd nowadays, and who wouldn't love him? Alot of people were disappointed that "..Kisses" wasn't played- but I was overwhelmingly satisfied with Ben and the IC Crew yet another time.