10.26.00 Austin, TX

The Backyard with Blackalicious

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - The Backyard - Austin, TX

Encore 1

Patty Griffin joined Ben on her song "Mary."

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Sound issues aside, the night was phenomenal. Ben had played in austin earlier the same year at The Austin City Music Hall, the sound there was closed and confined.

The performance at the backyard was flawless and the music lifted everybody six inches from the ground. The open air was truly the perfect setting for this concert. There wasn't single person who wasn't high from the show (with exception of whichever technical junkie was worried about the sound system who posted the review). Blame the venue, not the artist.

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I hate to say that this show was not what I think it could have been. The sound was terrible. My home stereo sounds better than this show sounded. Please come back to Austin and really give us our money's worth.