11.02.00 East Lansing, MI

Wharton Performing Arts Theatre Michigan State University with Blackalicious

I Was There
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After "Breakin' Down", Ben talked for a while again about politics. He mentioned how it isn't fair that he has a mic to speak his mind, but others do not. Also, he said the more the candidates move their lips, the less they say. Then Ben proclaims, "I'm not radical, I'm rational" after which he questions, "When's the revloution?" He then says that "When it's time to burn, I'm going to be burning stuff." During the solo acoustic encore Ben talked about religion and how it can't be a barrier, but a way to unite. He went on to proclaim that "I'm a God loving atheiest." Finally, before "Faded" he mentioned that they were in "Magic Johnson Country" (Magic's alma matter).

Who Went

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one of the most moving shows i've ever been to... amazing opening by a little known (at the time) blackalicious, but a bring the house down performance by ben. i saw this show almost 4 and a half years ago, but i still remember how he commented how quiet the room was during angel. amazing....
peace and love -b

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I saw this show almost 3 years ago now, but I will never forget it. No shows in EL have been able to measure up since BHIC rocked a mesmerized Wharton crowd. I still have the ad flyer for this show (JJ signed it for me), and hopefully I can add another one to my collection - Ben! Come back!

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such an awesome show. i am so angry at myself for not seeing last night's show in d-town. life altering. i hate when people say that, but it is true in my case. i will be burning stuff too. cheers.

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This was sweet. The greatest concert in the entire world. Wowsers. Wholey Muffins it rocked. ben is very talented.

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I attended the show at the Wharton Center. The only other time I had been to a Ben Harper concert was when i saw him open for dave. Well, I have to say I was blown away by it. Just a great concert. Then it just kept going. It was so much fun to sit back a relax as he continued with great solo guitar songs. One of the best concerts I have gone to all year.