11.04.00 Chicago, IL

Aragon Ballroom with Blackalicious

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All I have to say that if anyone is as lucky as Chicago was to hear a set like that and played with as much heart and raw emotion - you are in for a real treat.
Everything was so perfect that night. From the twinkling "stars" on the ceiling of the Aragon to how intimate Ben got with the crowd - even bashing Bush and discussing Nader - Right On!!!
It is because of muscians like Ben Harper that people develop such a love of music. Thank you for a truly wonderful performance - you have forever changed the way I listen.

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This is the first concert i have ever been too, been pretty sheltered, and thank god it was Ben. I never knew live music was so amazing and breathtaking. listening to live music on CD is one thing, but being there and seeing it was awesome. You made my night and made my year. I loved the set, not been a big fan of Steal My Kisses, but it was better live than recorded. I loved your concert and please come back to Chicago as soon as you can, i need to see you again and i can't wait for you to come back. Keep up the music.

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I've seen ben once before when he played as an opener for dave matthews band this was a more intimate setting then the dave concert this was just a superb concert it as a concert that i will never forget. the setlist was awesome i came out thinking hey he played all the songs i could ask for i really wanted to hear voodoo chile and it was the first song he played he is the only person i can stand covering that song. the first set was a heavy set ending with steal my kisses that was so much better then the recorded version (i have never really been fond of the song it is uncharecteristic of him but i was with people who loved that song and i loved the way he played it that nite)
the second set was by far the best (because i love his acoustic stuff it is the most meaningful to me) it was a moment in life when i was in pure joy that i hope i can experience when i see him again
The third set had 2 climaxes sexual healing and faded there are no words to describe how great those two songs were and the others were almost equal.

Thank u ben i will never forget it

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Aragon was a pretty tight set. Hadn't busted out Voodoo in a while...as well as "Cruel World'. Roses in the solo acoustic encore was a nice surprise and faded/whole lotta/faded was just superb!!! Ben put on a nice show...wish i wouldn't have been four songs late for it-walked in at ground on down.