11.11.00 Raleigh, NC

The Ritz with Warren Haynes and Matt Abts of Gov't Mule

I Was There
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"Burn To Shine" was originally on the setlist in place of "The Woman in You", but the pickup in the guitar failed, so the band had to "augment the setlist." A "Homeless Child" tease could be heard before "Breakin' Down." Nick Rich was again not present for "Steal My Kisses." Before "Sexual Healing", Ben quietly strummed a working melody of what would become "When She Believes".

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i take my hat off to ben. i went both nights and these two shows are in my top three that i have seen. i traveled two and a half hours to see back to back shows and it was well worth it. i talked a friend that was living in raleigh to go to the show and he really didnt know much about ben but went anyway and loved so much went back the next night with some more friends who loved it too. they said it changed there life as ben did my the frist time i had seen him. thanks ben and i cant wait until next time

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Full Moon
Ben's double neck guitar failed when he was about to play Burn to Shine and an audience member(excuse me if I don't call him a "fan")began to boo.
Ben:Who's that booin'? Fuck you!
The crowd burst into laughter.
Loud and rowdy drunks in the front where I was talked nonstop during the solo part, and then screamed for him to come back out when he left after only two songs. Go figure.