11.18.00 Greensboro, NC

War Memorial Auditorium with Warren Haynes and Matt Abts of Gov't Mule

I Was There
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After "The Will To Live", Ben gave an explanation and demonstration of the slide guitar and slide/guitar key, elementary style. After "Another Lonely Day" he said, "I've got a question for you. How many of you heard of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals from a video?" (isolated cheers) "OK, how many of you heard of us from the radio?" (lots of cheers) "The first time you heard of us was on the radio?!?" (lots of boos) "How the heck?... Who heard about us from a friend?" (the place goes wild) "Oh, so that's it!" Before "Not Fire Not Ice" Ben remarked, "This song was recorded but didn't make it on a album. Its what they call a b-side." Matt and Warren of Gov't Mule sat in on "Lay Your Burden Down." A professional camera crew shot the show and interviewed fans.

Who Went

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This was my second show with my first being at horde in 98'. I really like seeing Ben and the IC again this time being indoors. The sound was awesome in that auditorium. I had some very close friends with me and we all shared the experience from the balcony(did i mention the sound was awesome). The setlist was great and the crowd was very respectful, unlike at HORDE. I just about lost it during "by my side"(strong personal meaning behind that tune)I am anxious to see what the future brings for Ben and the IC. Ben, I just want you to that you have introduced me to a will to live that I didn't know I posessed. forever grateful,

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This was my first Ben Harper show. The energy in the auditorium was like waves of positivity washing over me. My favorite way to describe Ben Harper live
is: We had church in there. I am now rooted into the music and will go as far as necessary to catch future shows. I couldn't have asked for a better 1st show...

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This was my second Ben Harper show and it was fantastic. The most memorable part was Ben's solo acoustic encore. After a few yells the audience was completely silent. It was amazing, the audience showed a lot of class and I was very impressed.