02.01.01 Boston, MA

Orpheum Theatre with Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Ben played "Please Bleed" solo acoustic.

Who Went

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hey you in the Phat ass Australian shirt...nice tattoos....nice headband, I like the new shit...thank-you, thank-you, thank -you....You are an inspiration, and thank you again....The show was most definately appreciated and is still being appreciated by me...Thanks Ben ...Thanks for your words, thanks for your feelings.....Thanks for all....Everyday , all day....Bye...

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This was definately a great, great show. The Orpheum is small enough and a great atmosphere for a performer like Ben and the criminals, Ive seen them 6 times and each time they amaze me. I agree with everyone else the drunk idiots in the back definately ruined the acoustic set. Also I got alot of respect for Jack Johnson too.

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Great show! As always, however Brandeis was MUCH BETTER! I have to say it was upsetting to hear the disrespectful assholes who yelled out STUPID shit during Ben's accoustic set. Where most people were getting into the set with "we love you Ben, etc." One particularly stupid, disrespectful MASS hole yelled " I love asparagus" during walk away.... that was low. Oh well no disrespect to the MASS Residents....peace, Nick

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Undoubtedly the best show I've ever seen. Ben Harper can get the crowd moving with his rhythms and can silence them with his words (except for someone and their lust for asparagus). A great job to the best artist throughout history. Amazing, amazing concert, through and through. Thank you, Ben

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February 1, 2001 was the greatest concert i have seen in my life. Ben was amazing and after grooving with the band during 'steal m kisses' his solo acoustic stylings were amazing. Other than the rude out cry of "i love asparagus' i think mr. harper was extremely impressed with the audiences repect. Juan's grooving and "sexual" addition to 'Sexual Healing' was awesome. I am going to the Dartmouth College concert on 2/4/01 and can only hope it is half the concert at the orpheum.

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Ben started out the show with great songs but a little hesitantly, finally settling into the groove with glory and consequence. Woman in you was superb followed by an equally great excuse me mr.where a great groove took over. Juan broke it down with steal my kisses forcing Ben to leave his throne and groove with the band, dancing, celebrating the end of a great set. Please Bleed in the acoustic set was the highlight of the show followed by crowd pleaser sexual healing. The crowd kept the support going to the end when an exhilarated ben and criminals high fived the audience before leaving the stage.