02.03.01 Waltham, MA

Shapiro Gym, Gosman Sports Center Brandeis University with Jack Johnson

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Simply the most inspirational show that I have ever seen from Ben or any other popular touring act during my lifetime. It is important for musicians to feed off of the crowd when playing live, and the band did an excellent job of sustaining the energy and the attention of the audience. Love to hear Ben talk about faith too! A+

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Well, not much can be said to how good this show really was.... Definetly the best Ben and IC show i have ever been to. (I've been to atleast 7) The crowd was a big part to why the show was so good. During his acoustic set, there was absoultely no noise. This was why he kept playing, and went on much longer then any other show i have seen. If anyone has a recording of this show, I would love to get my hands on it!

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It was simply the most amazing concert I have ever been at. He played with the crowds emotions in the first encore and really helped everyone there feel his music. Jack Johnson was also awesome. His CD is great. Anyone who was there can tell you, it was simply a night to remember.

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Okay, so I know most people have read or heard about how amazing this show was, and all I have to say is that it's the best show i've ever seen!! Hearing burn one down/with my own two hands, not fire not ice, indifference, attitude/concrete jungle all in one night was just too much. Even songs i've seen live before like please bleed or faded/whole lotta love/faded were just done so much better at brandeis. I think Ben really appreciated the crowd being so quiet during the first acoustic set. At one point, he said, "You guys are too good. We're just gonna keep playing"!! Thank you Ben and the IC's for this special night!! I met Ben and the guys for a second time the previous night in burlington, and they were as generous as ever with their time. Also got a chance to meet Jack Johnson, who was also incredible live. I was waiting in the lobby of the Swiss Chalet to get a room for the night in Waltham, when who should walk into the lobby but Jack!! He was very cool, and autographed his album for me, and took a bunch of pictures wiht me and my friends. Seeing Jack and Ben two nights in a row in burlington and waltham was just incredible, but the brandeis show was a once in a liftime type of show. To anyone who was there, you know what I'm talking about...Peace

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This show was flawless from top to bottom. The people at Brandeis did a great job in putting on a show with very few of the problems that often come with going to a show. Jack Johnson was very, very impressive in the time that he was on stage (I bought the album during his third song, I think). Every time that I've heard Burn One Down live, I've hoped to hear Two Hands come out of it, and it was a treat to finally hear that. It was cool to hear two Marley segues in one show as well. The whole acoustic set was incredible as well, especially Not Fire Not Ice. Ben discussed religion for a few minutes and put his finger on what very few have when he said, "religion is about walking, not about talking." It is a very unusual performer that seems to raise the bar everytime you see them, but I think that Ben Harper continually does just that.

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This was one of the most soulful performances I've ever seen! In addition to the amazing set, they played a very moving encore. Also, Ben talked about God and spirituality at the end of the show, which was cool. The penguin incident was also a highlight.

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I agree with Brian Z. Brandeis was the best show I've ever seen. Ben played an excellent show as usual with a great variety. I am always impressed to see Ben feed off the crowd's energy, I know he made me sweat!!! In addition Juan rocked the house with his funky ass bass! I decided to give Ben my T-shirt at the end...I figured he might like it, he thanked me for it. Hopefully he'll sport it sometime. Keep on Rockin Ben!!!!!

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This was the sixth time I had seen Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and by far the best performance I have seen from the band. It was also the most energy I ever felt from the crowd, that added to the performance. The band always does a great job of mixing up the setlist with old and new songs. I had never been so pumped up after leaving a show before. I also want to note that I thought Jack Johnson was a great opening band and I look forward to seeing both bands at Lupo's.

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This was my first Ben Harper show and it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. The musicianship in this band is almost unparralled in today's musical landscape. You could feel the emotion that they were putting in the music in every song. They sure as hell know how to jam too. The first encore brought tears to my eyes. Ben is amazing and I cannot wait to see him again.

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He gave to the crowd and we answered in kind. It was an incredible show full of intense music and appreciative fans. At one point, Ben was distracted by a lawn-ornament penguin floating amongst the crowd. Not wanting to be upstaged, he confiscated the penguin and told an amusing story of an annoying penguin he once encountered. He returned to the penguin later in the night and took him on as a dance partner. Great laughs and even better music. Wouldn't have missed this show for anything.

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Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals put on another amazing concert. The show had a number of highlights. The ending of the regular set began with an incredible drum solo by Dean, which broke into Like A King, and an awesome version of I'll Rise that had Ben rising out of his chair to stand and sing a number of verses. The first encore was Ben solo, it seemed like it was supposed to end following Pleasure and Pain, but Ben decided to add two more songs, one of which was a very cool cover of Pearl Jam's Indifference which really excited the sold out crowd. The second encore began with the crowd pleasing Steal My Kisses, and an awesome blend of Faded and Whole Lotta Love which had Ben signing at the very top of his lungs. Overall A great show.