02.04.01 Hanover, NH

Leade Arena Dartmouth College with Jack Johnson

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Ben made a comment about playing a riff of Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" in 'G' before "Suzie Blue."

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This show was awesome. The setting was perfect because it gave it a more casual and close, yet comfortable feel. Ben rocked out to all the songs, but my personal favorite was "Burn One Down" and I also loved "Mama's Got a Girlfriend." The show kicked!! I can't wait to go to another one!

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ive been to a few shows and i listen to his records but was so fortunate to hear burn one down go into a tune i had never heard before, with my own two hands. awesome. i go to dartmouth and the casual goers were much more into the acoustic set and final encore. i thought that was interesting since it seemed like the opening set was a little more pop oriented, i dont mean that in a negative sense although the word pop is usually taken that way. singing i'll rise with the mike at his stomach and ben standing tall and proud was moving and pretty symbolic of ben's performances. what a treat it was to have ben grace our campus.

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This show was so rad. Everyone was into it from the beginning. Burn one down featured a segue into a song ive never heard before. It was so beautiful and it took me to a new region of mellow. Other highlights were a sick Forgiven with a deliciously twisted intro, an unbelievable woman in you, excuse me mr>concrete jungle, and a funky-assed steal my kisses. THe encore was great too...Dean can really beat those skins. The only problem was a few belligerents who felt the urge to scream at the top of their lungs at a few of the more intimate moments. They will be dealt with. That is all.

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This show was absolutely incredible. I have new found respect for Ben after this show. Some highlights included Burn One Down, The Woman in You, Excuse me Mr, and both of the encores. Steal my kisses feature an unknown dj. The best show I've ever seen

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This show was amazing. I went to the show at the orpheum theatre in boston as well, and i feel that during this show ben felt much more comferatable. The band was awesome and went on jaming a bunch of different rifts. the acoustic set was amazing, ben played a rare suzie blue, and it was awesome. the crowd was extremely quite and i was very impressed by the respect they showed for ben. In comparison to the boston show, the crowd was much better behaved, not making a peep during the whole acoustic encore. To my amazement ben played ill rise, without the microphone, for a verse and it was awesome. It is by far the best show ive ever seen.