02.06.01 Providence, RI

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel with Jack Johnson

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i just wanted to say that i was at the ben show and it was the best experience of my life!!...being that close to ben was like being next to god...BEN IS THE MAN!!!!!...he seems very personable which only makes his audience fall in love with his presence more...i made a sign that said, "ben i love you, love your #1 fan, Vanessa", and he saw it and said "thank you vanessa"...i honestly can say i fell to the floor, because to me ben is just incredible...
aside from my own personal belief as to how well the show went, i got the feeling that everyone was amazed by ben and the innocent crimminals!!...i cant wait to see this god again...
ben i love u, never stop playing oyur music!!

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O.k...O.k. Ben is the man, that is the bottom line, I have never experienced Ben and his Criminals so intimate before so that was cool, I wish the crowd would just listen a bit more instead of yelling , and it seems like that is the norm on this tour,(from reading other reviews) but, hey i can't blame you for singining peole, He has that affect on me too, but I guess I find ways to deal with it, I sing my face off in my car..HeHe....Try it out...Ben you looked and shined like gold that night and I just want to say Thank-You....Thank-you everyday...Ciao...til next time...

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we were 5 feet away from ben the whole night. just completely amazing. you could feel the power that his voice and performance gave off as well as the innocent criminals. it was like a religious experience. even the guy behind me was yelling "amen!" and "jesus!" during "i'll rise". ben and the boys are just amazing performers and like checka said, we were very, very lucky to witness such an event. ben rocks!

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What's up!!! I just had a few things to say about Ben's appearence in Providence. One is that I had the pleasure of meeting him that day outside the Biltmore, I was floored!!!! He gave me a quick auto on my maton, said a few words and was on his way, I had no Idea at that time what a musical experience I was in for that night. I have seen Ben about 10 times over the past few years and next to Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Nov 12 of 99 Lupo's was the most amazing show I have ever seen. The band and Ben were both right on. That is the type of experience that will make you sit up and play untill the fingers bleed. I just want to say thanks to Ben for his time and the criminals for being so rightous!!!! I hope you enjoyed the gift Peace and safe traveles!!! Aaron

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i know i'm a little late with this, but i just have to comment on how incredible it was to see ben ditch the microphone for a couple lines of "i'll rise"...his voice just sounded incredible, and i wish he could sing like that all the time! not that i'm complaining, it's always phenomenal. every single innocent criminal :) puts on an incredible show and i just feel lucky, lucky, lucky to have been there at lupo's. big wow.

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Greatest show I have ever seen! I was 2 or 3 people back the whole time and even the sweltering heat didn't even seem to matter. Bens performance of "I'll Rise", "Sexual Healing" and busting into some Zepplin at the end was great. I got one word for the whole show.. fantastic. Once again, just like at every show there were people yelling during the acoustic set and you could see Ben wasn't to happy about that. But I have seen him 6 times now and every show Ive seen gets better and better. Much respect to Jack Johnson too, he is definately on his way up.

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i want to thank the guy in the hawaiian type shirt who got juans setlist at the end (i hope you're reading this)for giving me his spot towards the end...second row!!!! i'll rise was definitely a highlight not to mention two hands!! actually the whole show was amazing...just absorbed in the music....juan's whistling solo...wow...the crowd up front (mostly)friendly, why the need to shout "i love you ben" i'll never know....he even commented one time about the pressure, saying, "the pressure, i just can't take it" i'm sure he was half kidding...but, i was disappointed by a short three song acoustic set....but the rest of the show definitely made up for it. my 4th ben show and the best, it was wonderful to be so close, someday it will be front row...
met jack johnson afterwards...

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Last night was my 5th time seeing Ben and it was definately the best concert I have ever been too. I was dead center, about 4,5 people back and it was so nice and intimate. I was just completely blown away during Like a King and I'll Rise as well as finally hearing Two Hands. Hopefully the show at UConn will be even better!

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WOW!!! Great show once again. I've seen 3 shows on this tour and I put this show up there with the Brandeis! I spoke to Juan briefly before the show and asked how the band was feeling. He said they were feeling great and wouldnt you know they played a GREAT show! I also told him this was my 3rd show in about a week and he said thats usually the charm, he was right!!! Nick

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Setlist for Providence 2/6:

How Many Miles Must We March?
Mama's Got a Girlfriend Now
Burn One Down >> 2 Hands
Glory and Consequence
Intro >> Ground on Down
The Woman in You
People Lead
Breakin Down
Burn to Shine
Intro >> Forgiven
Like a King >> I'll Rise

Encore 1:
Suzie Blue
Another Lonely Day
Walk Away

Encore 2:
Steal My Kisses
Sexual Healing
Faded >> Whole Lotta Love >> Faded

The Providence show was definitely one of the better ones I've seen so far. I think Ben knows that everybody loves 2 Hands because he's played it at 3 straight shows. That has gotta be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and to hear it live still sends chills down my spine. It was a good crowd, they were definitely excited, but during the solo set you could tell Ben got a little annoyed cuz he only played 3 songs. I think that anywhere that sells alcohol during the show pretty much nixes any chance of silence during his acoustic session. The place is set up so that when you walk in the stage is directly to your left, then you can walk further in and go to the bars down there. During the whole acoustic set, it sounded like a party was going on down there on the left, constant noise and talking, which bothered a lot of people, but I guess you really can't do anything about it.
Breakin' Down was definitely the highlight of the show, they pulled it off without a hitch. Following the show, I hung around to meet Ben and the band and after a little while they came out one by one, Ben last. I talked with Jack Johnson for a few minutes and told him that he was doing a good job on the tour and he seemed genuinely appreciative of the remark. He also said that he thought tonight was the best Ben had sounded electric on the whole tour. I think that I have to agree with him. I chatted with Ben for a few minutes thanking him and the such, but it was late and cold and I think we all just wanted to get warm and go to sleep. Nonetheless, it was amazing meeting him and hopefully I can stick around following Lewiston. So until then...


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Wow! This show was an expirience I will never forget. I have seen Ben twice before, but this by far was the best, possibly the best show I have ever been to period. The performance had so much emotion and power, it was truly moving. The entire band was on tonight and it showed in every single song they played. The environment in Lupo's was perfect for the show too, standing about 15 feet away from the band. All things considered I don't think I could have had a better night.