02.09.01 Storrs, CT

Jorgensen Auditorium University of Connecticut with Jack Johnson

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Ben played "Tomorrow is a Long Time" for the first time live without his mom Ellen.

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This was my first Ben show, I was wondering how it stacked up to other performances of his. I thought it was amazing....never seen anybody communicate with the audience so well. Oh yeah......did anybody tape the show? Email me if youve got any info.

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ben harper and the innocent criminals seemed to be everywhere in the east coast except for pennsylvania. so, a kind soul picked me up in philadelphia and we headed off to the show in storrs, ct. we got there super-early and got front and center seats. i was so excited to see ben's chair again! ;) they put on SUCH an incredible show. it was so neat seeing him do "tomorrow is a long time", especially since it was his first time playing it. a huge treat! another highlight was "i'll rise". when you are at a ben harper show, you don't only get a taste of incredible music, but also an incredible message. and i have yet to see another act put so much soul into the performance. jack johnson was an amazing opener as well. i had yet to hear their music and i really dug their sound!

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Wow! What an amazing show. Ben never ceases to amaze me. I think I have lost count of how many times I have seen Ben, somewhere around 10! Bens energy and attitude was wonderful! The set list was great! This was my third show this tour and by far my favorite! I had great seats on the balcony very close to the stage. The little drum "battle" between David and Dean made me chuckle, as I am a huge drum fan!I was so happy to hear Ben sing With My own two hands! I have met him several times and he is the most sincere and compassionate person! Sad to say that because of my THANK U BEN sign, Dean tried to throw his drumstick to me but the TALL kid next to me out did me. Man do I hate being short.Thanks anyways Dean. I wish them luck on the rest of the tour and cannot wait to see Ben and the IC again. THANKS RYAN FOR THE PICTURE!! I have some great shots from NoHA, MA in the fall, Ben and the sunset! Peace, love, and Ben Harper!!

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This was my 5th ben harper show, and probably the best- or tied with 1/31/00 (new haven.) The setlist was amazing. I was hoping for Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now, and I got it...and so early in the show too! With My Own Two Hands was the icing on the cake for Burn One down as well. Like a king was the second song that I really wanted to hear that night, and I got it with the -> I'll rise segue added on. Afer this I held up my 'Juan Nelson for president in 2004' sign, and ben pointed at me, and then gave me a big smile and thumbs up. Let's not even get into the first encore. Very emotional, with just Ben speaking to his followers. Being a huge Pearl Jam fan, the first note/strum of Indifference had me going crazy. Juan also noticed my sign during sexual healing, and during his solo during Breakin' Down walked came closer and closer to me, and proceeded to play it right to me. After Steal My Kisses David got Juan's attention and he came over and gave me one last peace sign before walking out. I didn't get anything material from the show, like a drum stick, or a towel...setlist etc. but, I got to stand in the front row for the second time at a ben show, and I have memories that will last a life time.

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ahhh, my first harper show, and what a show it was. i missed the show in providence, ri, as it was sold out and i was devistated. but the next night while at work, i glanced over, and there sitting at a table was BEN! i couldn't believe it! i asked him for an autograph, and explained how devestated i was to have missed his show. he was so down-to-earth! he graciously put myself and a friend on the guest list for the storrs, ct show. of course i went, and ended up with center front-row seats. i am still overwhelmed by ben's generosity and kindness, he's made this week unforgettable! the concert itself was incredible...he played for close to 2 1/2 hours with a passion like i have never felt before. i was in tears during "another lonely day" and "walk away". it was so beautiful. ben, thank you, you are gifted beyond belief. peace