02.10.01 Rochester, NY

Clark Gym Rochester Institute of Technology with Jack Johnson

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Freakin awesome show, a ton of energy
coming from the band. I 1st saw Ben ovr the summer opening up for DMB and was amazed. There a really talented band. I hope to see them many more times. If you haven't seen this band live, I strongly suggest you do. The opening act was sweet too, Jack Johnson.
Go see him, Its worth it

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The show was incredible. I saw Ben at the Nader Ralley in NYC, but I needed to experience the Innocent Criminals, and I am so happy that I did. I quit my job to go to this show, and it was well worth it. My friend who came to the show with me, had never heard of Ben Harper or the Innocent Criminals, and she now is another devoted fan. Very awesome show.

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It was my first Ben concert as well, and of course a memorable one. From the opening of the show with Opression, to the closing with Faded, I had a smile on my face the whole time. To finally see Ben and IC in concert, was just great, their talents were well demonstrated. From every intro, solo, outro to every song was just amazing. I am glad I made the trip down to the US, from the great white north. Although the exchange is a kick in the ass, it was well worth it. KEEP IT REAL...


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This was the first time that I experienced the whole band. I saw Ben
perform @ the Nader campaign @ MSG back
in October of 2000. All that I can say
is thank you. Ben, David, Dean, and
Juan kept on giving all night long. I
travelled six hours by bus with the flu,
and it was worth it. I am back in BKLYN
now recouperating so that I can see them
again in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. I must
say, that I am looking forward to seeing
the innocent criminals in a more mature
setting. It was very hard for me to
enjoy Jack Johnson because every five
minutes I had to tell some perverted
college boy to get off of my ass. Even
through all of the "BS", Ben is worth
it. Much Love and Respect.
Peace, Cinamon

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Unreal show! It was my first Ben Harper show, and I can assure you I will be to many more. His 1st encore which consisted of Waiting on an Angel and Widow of a Living Man (acoustic) was unbelievable. Thanks for a great show Ben!