02.11.01 Syracuse, NY

Landmark Theatre with Jack Johnson

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oh......the concert was GREAT!i couldn't believe it when i found my favorite singer, guitar player and band was coming to my own town! it was amazing! i can't express...the next day at school my teachers thought i was insane. it was great.

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I don't need to tell anyone here how great Ben Harper is. I only wish more people would have been quiet and enjoyed the whole show. I don't know how he does it, but my best guess would be divine inspiration. A modern day prophet? All of the down songs (Burn One Down, Ground On Down, I'm Breakin Down) were highlights. Unbelievable. But then, so was everything else. Oh, and the drum duel...I can't even begin to explain. I was also thoroughly impressed with Jack Johnson. It couldn't have been any better, except if he'd played Redemption Song. Until the next show.

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I still can't believe how amazing Ben is live. He sang and played with so much heart making every song beautiful. I don't think the crowd was full of Ben fans, and i was annoyed by the constant talking. Ben managed to put together a set list that seemed to win everyone's hearts. But as i fan i was dissapointed to not hear "sexual healing" or "the woman in you"...I'll be sure to catch him again, hopefully with a more appreciative and respective crowd.

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No one can do it like Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. It was my first performance and let me tell you there will be many more to come. He is truly a genius in what he does and puts his heart and soul into the work he does. The drum battle with Faded was insane. And he ripped it up on Ground on Down. A true mastermind. Jack Johnson also put on a great show. 50 thumbs up!

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well ben is truly amazing. landmark was heavy on security and keeping people in their seats. the crowd also wasnt necessarily all ben fans until after the first set. ben and the band were true geniuses in the way they got the crowd going. they basically made the impossible possible. the end, when he did the zepplin cover, the place was crazy. i was out of my seat and went over the barrier to the front of the stage and scored a drumstick from David Leach. rock on ben.