02.16.01 Athens, OH

Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium Ohio University with Jack Johnson

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This was my first Time at one of Bens shows and the general feeling was very laid back. It was almost like just chillin in your pals room listening to him jam. I was moved to tears more than once, by the music and the responce the rest of the audience had. Best show i've seen in athens(G-love right behind this one!)

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Just wanted to say that the show in Athens was phenomenal and did not dissapoint in the least. The set was great and the crowd was good too. The first encore was simply beautiful and everyone was dead quiet too. Just had to say it was amazing...

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the athens show was incredible. the templeton-blackburn auditorium was a fairly intimate venue and surprisingly, the crowd was respectful on the whole. "burn one down > with my own two hands" was a great opener, with ben allowing david some time to jam. other highlights from the first set included, a drum duel between david and dean during "breakin' down", a stellar "welcome to the cruel world" (though i must say this is the one song in which i thought the crowd to be rude, it was a quiet number in the middle of a rockin' set and there were tons of people talking, saddened me, oh well, i enjoyed it), an amazing "forgiven" with the intro we've now come to expect was particularly heartfelt, and of course the resurgence of "voodoo chile (slight return)" with the segue to "kashmir" in the middle was a treat as the last song to the first set. the acoustic encore was incredible. there were some people shouting during "tomorrow is a long time", but during the next three songs people were silent, i mean not a sound, and you could tell that ben really appreciated it, especially during "walk away" which was simply amazing. finally, the second encore was great, though nothing special, and that wrapped up an incredible concert. got to meet everyone in the band after the show, and they were all great, as always, and that's about all. sorry this was so long, just had a great time.