02.19.01 Champaign, IL

Assembly Hall University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with Jack Johnson

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This was the first I'd heard of all of Ben's stuff...and I was blown away! Not only did Ben (and the Innocent Criminals) rock, but I must agree with everyone that his humorous anecdotes really did make the show 10 times better.
I would also like to commend Jack Johnson for an excellent pre-Ben Harper set. Everyone--Let your fire burn!

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I drove eight hours for this corcert and I was hell of pumped. I spent monday walking around campus--which was the beginning of a great day. I got to the show in time to see ben himself. I was a little dissapointed with the seating because I couldn't get down to the floor. anyways, i thought the first couple songs didn't sound right. Most likely it was because this was the first time I've seen him in a large place. but dont get me wrong, he played a great show. I've never been let down by this great man. I waited for quite a while after so I could meet him--a dream I've always had. Standing out in the cold was was every bit worth the talking to the band. the show turned out to be everything i wished. good music--as always, a vaiety of songs and a great time.
Ben you need to come to the university of Arkansas, that's what i meant by the south, not nashville.
thank you the pic ben

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this show was amazing and ben your voice was and is getting more and more mesmerizing and i love you and your voice its a plus to see you guys play thankyou all for being so heavenly divine..... love me

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My wife and I got turned onto Ben Harper last year, so when we found out that Ben was playing in Champaign, we made sure we were there. Needless to say, we were far from disappointed. The music was phenomenal....and so was the atmosphere. As a player, I was extremely impressed with the level of musicianship...and it has been a long time since I've heard a band that tight. I think what impressed me most, though, was Ben's attitude. No ego trip, no superficiality...he talked to us, explained things, and treated us all as friends. Thank you Ben and the Innocent Criminals, from my wife and I.

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Inspiring as always. No one can do it quite like Ben and the Innocent Criminals. I saw the show last year at Fohlinger and was a little skeptical about Assembly Hall but Ben doesn't disappoint the fans that love him and his music so much. It was incredible!! The acoustic set, although there was an annoying loud fan on stage, was mesmerizing. THANK YOU BEN FOR "WALK AWAY" AND "EXCUSE ME MR.". The jokes and interaction with the audience was great and once again there was the reference to the AFRO man....I'm sorry I don't know your name. Thank you Ben for bringing such amazing music into our world and keep on jivin...and coming back to Champaign.

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tight, tight, tight!
great show, of course. ben chatted and interacted with the crowd quite a bit.

waited outside for 2 1/2 hours after the show. the venue had a weird setup. his bus was parked underground; this didn't provide the fans any access. oh well, i thought, we met him last night so it's all good. basically it breaks down that they weren't aware that we were waiting at the parking exit (pretty sad i know). anyway, long story short - they had to get going and still made time for an autograph for everyone before heading down to knoxville. another fabulous show. can't say enough good things.

representin' the Blue Note in columbia,

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Of course the show was completely awesome! The electric numbers were loud as hell and carried well in the venue. And I was also surprised how much he talked with the audience...he was cracking jokes and telling a lot of stories about what he tries to do with his music. The acoustic set was phenomenal, but it was also a lowpoint for me, b/c some girl was jabbering into her cell phone the whole set. if it wasn't a ben harper concert there would have been some violence, kind of like that chick in scary movie. Other than that i continue to be in awe of ben and all the guys in the band.