02.20.01 Knoxville, TN

Tennessee Theatre with Jack Johnson

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It isnt fair to base opinions of Knoxville and people there on the disrespect that the drunks that are here showed. Yes some of us "rednecks" around here have heard of Ben. In my opinion Ben should come back for his fans that are here, we would appreciate it, and not serving alcohol is a good idea, it will discourage the people who come simply to drink and allow more room for people who want the music. I want to apologize to Ben for the ignorant acts of some knoxvillians but dont let them keep you from those of us who love you and your music.

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I don't think that any "rednecks" even know about Ben Harper, so don't critisize Knoxville because it is in Tennessee. First off, when people get drunk, the quiet part of your brain goes bye bye, so therefore everyone is a little louder, here's a hint for the next time Ben comes to Knoxville, if he chooses to and which I hope he does, don't serve alchohol...there ya go, peace..-chris

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This show was special for me because it was my mom's first Ben Harper show. She had a great show and has since been asking me to get tapes and lyrics for her. I could talk about the negative energy that came from some in the crowd or critique the musical progression of the songs, but I think her enthusiasm and good feelings about the experience say a whole lot, not only about the music, but also about all of us; the community of fans. Even with a sub-par crowd, the music and the energy that night really touched the most beautiful person I know. So for me, it was the best show I've ever seen. Remember friends, good things happen at every show. I think Ben and the band know that. It used to really bother me too when a crowd was loud, but now I realize that feeling any negativity at a show just isn't what it's all about. As long as we think good thoughts about a show, there are no "bad" crowds. "You may say I'm a Dreamer, But I'm not the only one." Take care.

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ben harper and the innocent criminals were wonderful, too bad the audience couldn't appreciate them better. ben is very in touch with himself spiritually and it pours through every lyric. rednecks don't even know how to handle someone like that. i had the opportunity to meet the band, and each of them was extremely humble and appreciative, surprising after the crowd being so rude. i give the concert four stars.

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The show was great, but the crowd was so so. The crowd liked to dance and have a good time, but they didn't know how to be quiet. That's usually not a problem at a concert unless you're seeing Ben Harper and he's doing a beautiful acoustic set. People were being loud and wanting to hear themselves even though not one other person did. Please folks know when to be quiet and respectful. Otherwise I thought the highlights were Glory and Consequence, Please Bleed, Faded>Whole Lotta Love>Faded, and Welcome to the Cruel World. It was overall a good show even though I missed Jack Johnson who is great in his own right. Peace and Love, Matt Driggs.

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The setlist was amazing, the tennessee theatre is absolutly georgous, ben and the innocent criminals never fail to put all of their heart and soul into the performance. The last link to a perfect show is left to the audience. I believe that the knoxville crowd failed this time. you could blame it on alcohol, but i think that is a cop out. i was ashamed of the crowd and i believe that ben cut the acoustic set short because of the dissrespectfulness, this attitude did not, however rub of on the ben and the criminals. they are always the most real guys around, and i thank them for that, im just ready for them to come back to nashville. peace- chris

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Ben Harper's performance was a solid 3.5/4 stars(out of 4); the concert as a whole was somewhere closer to 2 stars. The songs were powerful when started, but lost momentum during the "jam" portions which were nothing less than repetative. The jam sessions started with energy but failed to go anywhere; that is, they merely repeated the phrase rather than building on it.

The highlight of the show was a quiet set with Ben and his acoustic. This set would have been much better if only beer and rednecks mixed better; their simple, inebriated brains were unreceptive to this set and they reacted by waiting for a quiet momment when they could release all their ignorant agression with a powerful "whoooo!" Ben was patient, and apparently sympathetic; after a rousing round of yells he thought a moment and then went into a cover of the Verve ballad, "The Drugs Don't Work."

The concert ended with a spectacular version of "Faded," which contained an excellent cover of Led Zepplin's "Whole Lot of Love."