02.22.01 Lake Buena Vista, FL

House of Blues with Jack Johnson

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This was one of the many Ben Harper shows that I have seen, but deffinitely one of the best. There was an amazing vibe that night that could have toppled the most powerful nation I must agree with 'Eden' that I wish some of the assholes at the bar on the left side of the stage could have kept their mouths shut out of respect for the beautiful and intense music that Ben blessed us all with during his acoustic set. But I think that the excessive abuse of alcohol was more to blame for that. They just didn't enjoy enough of the spectacular herb that was present at this incredible event. Thank you in every way to Mr. Harper and the Innocent Criminals, and also to the House of Blues for creating a great atmosphere for Mr. Harper to dsiplay what true beauty and artistry is! God bless us all and Om!

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This was the second time seeing Ben play and it truly mezmorized me. These guys are all wonderfull musicians and the way they make it culmanate is unbelieveable. He played two encores the first one was completely acoustic. I was around the pit on the lower level. There were some drunk people making some noise in the back I could have done without. I had recently fallen in love with the song "Walk Away" so his performance of it blew me away. Truly a great song. The second ecore he ended on "Faded/Whole Lotta Love" which was an incredible version of a great Led Zepplin song. Great performance. Have gotten tix for 2 more shows because of it.

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I've seen many shows, and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals was the best one I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. This show was better than any performance I saw at Woodstock 99 or even the Rolling Stones concert I went to. I was utterly impressed with the gifts these musicians have. I was moved that night. My parents happened to be in town that night, so I bought them tickets to go with me. They had heard one or two of their songs that I had played for them back home, and were excited to go. They absolutely loved the show. The rest of the weekend they were asking to borrow my cd's. My dad had me write down the name of their albums so that he could pick them up when he went back home. I'm glad I was able to share the best show I have ever seen with my parents. Thank you very much Ben, Juan, David and Dean. Much love, and keep on rockin!!!

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Quite an amazing show. I was the 6 foot-ish guy with glasses, a goatee, and a steady rhythm and smile about 8-10 rows back throughout the show 8^) Ben & the boys had an unparalelled energy that shown through in an unforgettable performance. Opened by the sounds of laid-back Jack Johnson and crew and hosted in the beautiful venue that is the House Of Blues... Another great night enjoyed by all in attendance. See you guys in Athens, GA!

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This show could be summed up as JAMMIN. The energy was high and the vibrations were rockin through HOB. Ben was rockin so much. I sat front row center, a moment ill never forget. Breakin down was an amazin opener and with my own two hands was beautiful. Glory is my favorite song :o)and the highlight was definitely voodoo chile->kashmir->voodoo chile. Unfortunately the liquor made every one rowdy and loud, thus corrupting BEn's beautiful acoustic set, but regardless, the venue was packed and Ben rocked O-Town. A truly incredible show.

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sorry to post twice.. but it's been two days since the concert and im still mentally there.. being front row and ten feet away from the people who just exude this incredible energy in the form of music.. its just amazing and hard to forget..

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Thank You is what I have to say to Ben,
David, Dean, & Juan for being awe-inspir
ing, uplifting, righteous brothers. Not
only was I blessed by being able to wit-ness the truly spiritual gifts that they
shared with us, I was also able to let
each of them know how much I appreciate
good music. I encourage all musicians &
true lovers of music to treat themselves
by going to a performance that these
angels give. Thank you for bringing me
closer to JAH.

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Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are amazing performers, and their talent was illustrated beautifully at this venue. With a well- chosen set list that won over the crowd, Ben and the band rocked it. They travelled from the heavy sound of songs such as Glory & Consequence and The Woman in You to the beautiful melodies of Steal My Kisses and Sexual Healing with ease. An amazing show, and an appreciative crowd (although some still didn't grasp the concept that it's cooler if you there is silence when Ben does his acoustic set) made for an awesome performance..