02.23.01 Gainesville, FL

Phillips Center for the Performing Arts University of Florida with Jack Johnson

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hey. i just wanted to let anyone who cared know that the 2nd song of the solo acoustic set was "beloved one," not "ashes." although, "ashes" would have rocked too. i've got a couple good pictures from the show, and i could post them on here if i knew how.

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:) Guys, the smile this show gave me is still plastered on my face, and it's two days later. This was my first time to see him. I made a shirt to wear to the show that said "Free Leonard Peltier" on the front and "My Life is my Sun Dance" on the back. When he first came out, the house lights were on, and he could see me cause I was 3rd row, and he looked at me, pointed at his shirt and mouthed "I like your shirt!" I was like WOAH, Ben just pretty much talked to me from the stage. It made me so happy. Little did he know, I made an identical one to give him when I met him by the bus after the show. (BUY leonard's book and READ it. it's so great!) The actual preformance was incredible. I wish I had written down the set, as it is not posted here yet. (If you have it, I'd love to see it.) "Welcome to the Cruel World" was great in the first set and "ground on down." I told myself before I went that I would tolerate no noise in the solo acoustic encore. At first, some kids were screaming, but it's aight till he starts playing...then it must STOP. But it didn't so I yelled at these drunk guys to shut up. (Yep, that was me). Then we had the infamous "we-love-you-ben" girls in the back, and they shut up after a bit too. We got "Walk Away", and it was DEAD silent during "Drug's Don't Work," my favorite cover song, ever. Then we got "Indifference," too, and Ben does that so well. It was a fun show the whole way. It ended w/ an awesome "Voodoo Child." He let the last note just play for like 5 minutes after he got up and shook hands. Then after a while, the lights started to fade and a roadie pulled the plug...such an amazing ending. Then we went around back, and I met some real cool cats in the parking lot. (BTW: If any of you read this, email me or im me: Rebexxa.) David Leach came out 1st. He is so hilarious. Then we went around back and waited by the bus while Ben was in there watching the Lakers game for a minute. Then he came out w/ a camcorder and filmed us all, his "Gainesville fans." Then after a few minutes, he went and put it up and came out to sign and pose for pics. When it was my turn, I gave him the shirt and talked to him about Leonard for a minute and got a GREAT hug, and on my ticket stub he wrote "For ReBecca. Thanks for the shirt! -Ben Harper" AND he drew me a flower! Ohhh, it made me soo happy. Then we stood around a chatted for a bit more, then we got pictures....and this my friends, was the most amazing night of my life, 02-23-01. peace!

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W O W. Unlike the hard rock jammin vibe from Orlando. The Great College Kids in the best college, Univ of Florida, made this night an amazin event. The whole vibe, from the theater, to the fans was very mellow. I was up in the mezzanine jammin in my chair while ben played his amazin set. however the night was perfected by THE PHENOMENAL FIVE SONG ACOUSTIC SET. the crowd was so amazin and attentive to what ben was sayin. At some points during his acoustic set, you could of heard a pin drop, and when Ben hit those high notes with his soul, I think everyone's heart in that theater just melted. the most amazin ben show i have ever seen! And meeting him was just double the fun. Its official--Ben is the greatest, coolest, best man in the world. Until next time...

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All I can say is wow, amazing show. It was my fifth time to see Ben, and the best by far. The Phillips Center was a very nice venue, and the acoustics were really good. I had never heard Jack Johnson before, but he was great. Highlights of Ben's set include a rockin' "Please Bleed," "Burn One Down" was good, but I was really happy to hear "With My Own Two Hands," great tune. "Welcome to the Cruel World" was amazing, but "Forgiven" was just chilling, so beautiful during the intro, then he rocked it out. The acoustic set was amazing. The crowd was a little rowdy at first, but settled down during the songs. Between songs they were obnoxious, but Ben was cool about it. "The Drugs Don't Work" was beautiful, and "I Shall Not Walk Alone" was a great closer to a great acoustic set. "Sexual Healing" was fun, and "Voodoo Chile" kicked ass as always. I wish the crowd would have been a bit more civil, but it certainly didn't take away from Ben's performance. He and the guys gave 150% as always and blew me away. After the show David Leach and Ben came out and hung out and signed autographs, which definitely added to the experience. They are truely generous people, and care about the fans alot. Great show, thanks Ben!!