02.24.01 North Myrtle Beach, SC

House of Blues with Jack Johnson

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I had a really good time at this one. Always enjoyed the venue(HOB), but the crowd noise was a little much. Hope they come back to the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach in the future so we can show them more respect. a few highlights for me would have to be Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Kashmir) and Gold To Me >Fight For Your Mind (Swing Down Sweet Chariot). I can't wait until next time around.

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i am from sc and have been a ben harper fan for years. this was the first show i got to see and i was also really pissed that people would not shut up so that i could hear the acoustic set. unfourtunately hte hob at the beach is just a place to go when you have nothing better to do for a lot of people therefore half the people there did not know anthing about ben harper- which suck for the real fans but i am so glad i got to see them at all especiall y since they a re taking a much deserved break. good luck eith the album and i have not heard anyting about the baby so i hope all is well. much love.

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My first show was great, although the number of wannabee fans and number of tickets sold should have definitely been lower. Other than the small details, Ben was unbelievable. I had no idea how much energy there was in his live music or I would have been to a show before now. Hopefully, the next show I catch will have a little more breathing room and a better atmosphere.

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Everyone is right in their reviews. The audience was terrible. I saw the show in Muncie, Indiana the weekend before and their were about 2,000 more people there and the place was totally quiet, it was very cool. I would not have even came back out if I was Ben. I would not have been dissapiont if he had not came back out. The first part of the show was the best I have ever seen. That was my fourth concert I have seen and it beat the others hands down. The best show i every saw though with the crowd included had to have been at Bogarts in Cincinnatti, Ohio. It was the first and best show. I my be exspecting to much of him now though,because they played for two hours and forty-five minutes. I met Ben after this show and he is great. He may be the best musican I have every had the pleasure of listening to. Four of my friends and I traveled sixteen hours to see this show and it was great. Oh yeah Jack Johnson was great. Good pick Ben.

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This was my first Ben show. Nobody where I'm from knows who Ben is, and to be in an atmosphere with that many Ben fans was incredible and during the show, I was having a blast because everyone knew the words to all the songs and we were all singing but I was sadly disappointed when he came back out and I could barely hear him over people just talking to each other about random things. I probably won't get to see another Ben show for a long time and I was very disappointed when this one wasn't all it could've been solely because of the audience. Don't get me wrong, Ben and the Criminals were awesome but there definitely should've been a higher amount of respect.

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I ran into a girl I grew up with in line before the show, and the house of blews is WAY too corporate.They would rather sell alcohol than showcase music-seen.

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It's amazing...I've seen Ben at large arenas and stadiums and the crowds there have been absolutely wonderful. Except for a few loyal fans on the floor the respect Ben and the Criminals received was awful. I wanted to personally apologize to the fellas on stage. I do though wanted to also thank them for putting on a great show considering the circumstances and am looking forward to seeing them at Jazz Fest in New Orleans!!!
All the Will...

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This was my second Ben Harper show & I travelled all the way from VA to see it. The energy for the opening band and the set was fantastic. However the House of Blues, which looks really cool, is a terrible venue. They oversold the venue by several hundred people and sold 12 oz cans of bud light for $3.25. The acoustics at the back by the bar, where I was trapped by 2300 people, were lousy. The only view of the band I could get was on crappy closed circuit TV. I was disappointed by the talking and rudeness of the people surrounding me during the acoustic portion but to be honest with the low low ceiling back there it was like listening to Ben through a cheap transistor radio. I don't think most people realized he was playing. Obviously Ben was pissed as well ,hence the short encores.
It sounds strange but I look forward to seeing Mr. Harper in a much larger arena type venue because acoustics won't be a problem, you can see from every seat and people talking and drinking will be drowned out by better sound systems.
I still had a great time and hope to see another show really soon.

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We traveled from michigan to see this concert, and we gotta admit, the performance was amazing, as always. It was the fifth time seeing him for us in the last two years, but we would much rather see him in an auditorium than a bar. The drunken people at this show did not appreciat Ben like they should have, and he responded by shortening up his acoustic sets and encore. These, to us, are a most important part to the performance. Next time, if you want to drink and talk loud, go somewhere else so the real fans can listen and appreciate Ben. We were pleasantly surprised with My Two Hands and Whole Lotta Love, two songs we had not heard before. Special thanks to Ben for hanging with us after the show and talking with us, even though he looked exhausted. See you again real soon....

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The show was awesome as always. I agree with all of the other reviews by the other loyal fans. It is sad that there were so many pathetic people in the crowd. By the way Ben, when are you guys headed out west again? The best shows I have seen have been in Utah. I can't wait for you guys to return there, along with all my friends out there who can't wait for you to come back. How can you get backstage passes? I have been a fan for years now and I would love to meet the band, what can I do?

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This was my first Ben Harper Show. I was really pleased with this concert. His enthusiasm was terrific as well as his versatility from one song to another. In one song, he went from The Woman in You (slight return), and then to Voodoo Child with a short "Kashmir" cut. During his acoustic encores, the intoxicated people influenced Ben to exit early. While singing, "Walk Away" and "Waiting on an Angel", The people in the front (including myself) were all quiet trying to incorporate the mood he was setting with the slow acoustics, The people in the bar were very loud. Everyone was expecting a final jam of "Sexual Healing", but finished with the incomplete "Faded". The Next time I go to a Ben Harper concert, I'd be much more satisfied with a sober audience and a smaller venue. Overall, it was a terrific, unbelievable, blues concert by one of best dobro slide guitarist in the world, Ben Harper. Only regret, he didn't play "Sexual Healing", "Forgiven", or "Please Bleed". Probably because of the intoxicated fans whom caused the short setlist. Great jam, hope to see him again in concert.

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Ben was awesome, but the audience was not. It sucks that people would rather stand there and talk to each other than get their money's worth and listen to Ben. They could sit at home and do that for free. USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!! Nomatter what...Ben is amazing. Hopefully, the crowd in Spartanburg will have better manners.

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this was my first ben harper concert and hope to see many more times in the future. i was extremely disappointed in the way the audience acted during ben's solo acoustic set. that is why i wanted to go. the venue was also too small for the amount of people the house of blues had packed in there. you could tell that ben was also disappointed with the audience's behavior with such short encores. just look at the set list.