02.26.01 Winston-Salem, NC

Wait Chapel Wake Forest University with Jack Johnson

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First time ever live performance of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

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Before I even entered the Chapel I was greeted with the spirit of the crowd. Many students were passing out awe-inspiring articles about ben and the innocent criminals before the show. My sense was accurate. The crowd really "heard" the music of ben harper and the innocent criminals on this night. I thought the selection of the songs, especially "I Want To Be Ready" ( ideal intro within the walls of a Chapel) and all of the accoustic set was divine. Of course, "Let's Get It On" topped of the spirit moving throughout. Indeed, this was a night filled with a memorable sense of reverence.

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The show was incredible. As soon as the music started it could not stop, "the music goes all night." Not to mention the section of NCSA dancing mammellia at the balcony. They were truelly feelin' it. I hope ben gets this message we should rock out you signed my bob shirt. Jah Workin.

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I will never forget sitting on the stoop around the side of Wait chapel listening to the sound check watching the sun go down.Easily 15 straight minutes of "Let's get it on"plus The Woman in You and Welcome to the cruel World.So many songs I had never heard live in the setlist to mention.The setlist speaks for itself.The new(?)intro to Ground is sick!!Ben gave his explanation of the lap steel before Breakin'.Luckily I ran into a friend who had an extra backstage pass.After making it past an overzealous member of the load-out crew I had the chance to talk with the Innocent Criminals.A memorable show to say the least!

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My second show in two days, and this show was far better than Myrtle Beach two nights ago. The Myrtle Beach show was the worst crowd I have ever seen, and Ben's encores showed it. Tonight, "Let's Get It On" was debuted, and went off the hook. The crowd was rather respectful and quiet during the acoustic encore, (probably because there was no alcohol sold at the show). The drum battle on Breakin Down was really long, and Juan also did his phat whistling solo. During "Drugs", Ben used some kind of reverb to make his voice echo throughout the entire song (kinda like the intro to Forgiven). Some guy in the crowd tried to jump on stage and grab something off Ben's platform, but Tom Tyler dragged him off the stage. Not a bad crowd overall though.