03.01.01 Athens, GA

Classic Center University of Georgia with Jack Johnson

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Wow, seeing Ben in Consert was so incredable. He truly is an awesome performer. Ben played 5 accustic songs, including Waiting on an Angel and Walkaway which are two of my faviorte songs! Thanks Ben and come back to Athens GA, soon!

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I just hope Ben knows what his music does for us! He moves me. I find such beautiful and powerful energy whenever I hear him. Come back to Georgia soon!

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I would just like to thank Ben and the Innocent Criminals for the amazing sets. Oppression>get up stand up...back to the roots man. Burn one down>w/ my own 2 hands kicked my ass. I thought i was in church. Ben sung with such passion it seemed as if he was praying. Walk Away, another beautiful piece. I shall not walk alone...speachless,
thanks guys.

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I thought the show was incredible, especially since I drove 7 hours from Mississippi to see it. I was really impressed by the opening act by Jack Johnson. Ben was awesome as usual, and the innocent criminals brought amazing character to the stage. I was really relieved to hear some of his solo acoustic songs such as Waiting on An Angel and By My Side as the encore acts, for a minute I was afraid he was going to leave them out. I would have liked to hear Roses from My Friends, just because it is a personal favorite. Overall, the show was a blast.. great job Ben!

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I took the pleasure of kickin' it towards the back solo this time and just absorbing the whole show. Due to the bad acoustics of the room, I think I may have had the best sound in the place. Yet another great show, though lessened by the number of kids I saw completely lose it... Gotta try and keep your heads about you people! From Dave sittin' in with Jack Johnson to a beautiful 5 song acoustic encore featuring The Drugs Don't Work, an all around excellent show 8^)

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This was my third show and I was very impressed with Ben's performance. Ben opened with Opression to Get Up Stand Up, and that was amazing. The drum war in Breakin Down was also great. Overall I thought Ben played a great set and I was thankful that he played The Drugs Don't Work. Again, Faded-Whole Lotta Love-, was awesome. One of my favorite parts was when he went into Two Hands from Burn One Down. So overall a great show.