03.02.01 Spartanburg, SC

Memorial Auditorium with Jack Johnson

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this was my first ben experience.(as i like to put it) ben harper and the innocent criminals is just that an experience. no one should have to go through life and not experince this wonderful music. out of all the concerts i have been to this was the finest. i can not wait to see him again. love to all

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"Goot Lawd!" Ben can send a shiver up and down your spine when he opens his mouth. I heard Ben was great live, but I had no idea how much he would touch my soul. I especially love how he can mesmerize an entire audience because of the respect his fans have for him, that was truely amazing. This was my first Ben Harper concert and I swear I am hooked! I can only be thankful to some of my friends for turning me on to him and the IC and pass his inspiring music to many more. Can't wait for them to share their soul again soon with all the great people of the South! Peace- MoJo

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all i can say is "wow". this had to be the best B and IC show i have been to yet! i've only seen them once before in Atlanta, but they were definitely on that night in Sparkle City! the opening tune, "God Fearing Man", floored me, all the way to the sonic,"Faded/whole lotta love". Juan was definitely working that bass y'all-especially during "steal my kisses". Anyways, the show was great, Ben and the guys put so much soul into their music, and its so hard to let them know how much we really appreciate what they do! All in all, a great night! hey, if anyone has a copy, or could tell me where i could get one of the show, please e mail me!
thanks alot.

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Three days after the show I am still cleaning out my ears. I have seen BH and the IC many times but this concert had to be the best sounding musically and the stage lighting was superb. Jack Johnson and his band started the night off by blazing through a set of songs from their first album "Brushfire Fairytales", middleman being my favorite song along with flake rocked the memorial auditorium long before Ben even took the stage. But when the Innocent Criminals took the mike in hand it was all over. From the first song, "God fearing man", to "Faded" I can't remenber a more stellar performance ever. Keep rockin' BH & IC. South Carolina is Ben Harper country. Peace everybody!

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Wow! This was my second show in 6 days and the boys were on tonight. They did a paralyzing version of God Fearing Man which sent chills up my spine. The acoustic set was alot better partially because of a quiter crowd and also due to the amazing sound of the auditorium. We managed to sneak up front and it was truly awesome. I wish I would have wrote down the setlist. After the show we hung out and talked to David, Dean, and Ben. These are truly down to earth people who seemed as happy to meet us as we were to meet them. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Sorry we missed you Juan. Until next time.

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This was my first Ben Harper concert, and I had only recently started listening to him. I can already say I'm a huge fan now. The concert was one of the best I have ever seen. I'm still a pretty big Phish fan and I have been to many of there shows, but Ben and the band, especially the bassist Warren Nelson I think, really impressed me. They are excellent at covering songs-the excuse me mister song into burning and lootin. During his acoustic set, he covered the Pearl Jam song off of versus. Excellent cover of Sexual Healing and a great cover of Whole lotta love at the end. They also played several of the songs I wanted to hear along with other people I'm sure, Burn One Down to name one. What I liked best though is how everyone had several, not just one, but several spots in the spotlight showing off their talents. So I was very pleased for my first show. I wish I could provide more names for the songs but I'm still not that familiar with them all yet. And if anyone knows where I can get a copy of this show, please e-mail me. Peace.