03.03.01 Charlottesville, VA

University Hall (University Of Virginia) with Jack Johnson

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GOD FEARING MAN ... when he opened with this ... we all shoulda fell to our knees praying

9 acoustic song encore !!!

Not Fire Not Ice ... i mean come on !!!

great to meet Omair and Dilek and best of all GAVIN !!!

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this was my first ben harper concert, my sister got the tickets from some friends that decided not to go, lucky for me. awesome concert, a nice surprise to get there early and see jack johnson too. the encore was amazing, possibly the best thing was being so close you could see the sweat on ben's face as he poured every ounce of his energy into that show. easily the most memorable concert i've attended in my life. Rock On!

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all i can say is baby, y'all look, and sound, like gold to me

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I just want to say a lot of the same things that have already been said about this breathtaking show. I had never seen Ben before and honestly wasn't really in the mood to go to a concert that night. But I already had a floor seat, so my suitemates and I headed over. It was one of the best decisions I have made in a while. The whole show was outstanding, but the passion of the acoustic set really made my night. By far the most emotional concert I have ever been to. Thank you so much Ben for a wonderful night.

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ok ok so this wasnt the show i saw BUT i did see a damn good show in sydney , australia.i was broke at the time and missed out on tickets to the first show but i managed to somehow get some cash together to see the next show on the
7-6-00. we were the first people there (my fiance,lisa, best mate ben and myself.we had just had had a spliff and walked back over to the hordern pavillion,when juan came hooning out in this little spacey looking buggy we waved , and he waved back. then it seemed like every one had a turn on this buggyout out came butterworth followed by david leech, it was to cool. ok ill get to the concert , we were front row centre, it was the first time id seen the band and i wanted to be in the best position. i couldnt believe the cool set up they had ben in his little chair,drums behind him,juan on his left and david leech with the coolest percussion setup to his back and rightthey opened with alone and that was it the band went off all night . i must admit i dont think ive seen anyone have so much fun as leech he was smiling and having a ball the whole night the music was great it sounded so much better live than on the album(most bands cant seem to even get close to there album sound but these guys were all over it.my fiance got squashed in the crowd and got pulled out by security , but being the l;oving woman she is , told me to stay at the front and she went and got some posters , t shirts and stuff.they finished up with forgiven and that just made my night .unfortunatly i didnt get to have a j with ben harper and band so i had one in the car on the way home.im looking forward to seeing ben in byron bay over the easter weekend its going to be too cool , cheers shane

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The Charlottesville show...what an amazing way to end a superb tour. The acoustic set was so incredible, for a second I could have sworn Ben was speaking directly to me even though I was sitting in the balcony. The people at the show were all so kind and considerate which I believe helped fuel the energy in that hall on March 3rd.

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I was at the show in Charlottesville, WOW. I know it sounds trite, but I was moved. Ben had everyone in the audience hanging on every word he spoke. Sitting up there he was almost prophetic, calling our generation to action, with our own Two Hands. I never used to understand what people meant when they said that Jimi Hendrix seemed like he had supernatural powers when he performed, not until last night. There was something marvelously religious and moving about Ben's performance, his statements about life and love and G-d just moved me more than I've ever been moved by music. Standing there with Him less than ten feet from me was amazing. Ben created moments with the audience where we were all like united in the music. I could not believe the silence in the acoustic sets. It was amazing, so happy I did not miss that.

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Unbelievable. Thats the only way to describe this show. From god fearing man straight through to faded this was the most amazing ben harper show i have ever been to. His acoustic encore completely blew me away, and i think the entire audience knew that Ben really wanted to be there and was really into what he was playing. Without question Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are unreal and i am going to every show that i can get a ticket to. Thankyou for this show Ben it was unbelievable.

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All i can say is "That was awesome." Topping it off by rocking to led zeppelin was incredible! Ben & the innocent criminals reach out to the audience through his music that is so powerful. Having my friends from shenandoah there made it all the more wonderful. If you ever get the chance to go to a Ben Harper concert, GO. I assure you, it will be a live performance you may never get the chance to experience.

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God Fearing Man, when they started playing this I knew we were in for a good night. The acoustic encore was AMAZING.Meeting so many friendly people made the show especially memorable. Amador,Dilek(thanks for the poster)Kevin,Grace and Omair you guys are like a second family to me. This night made an indelible mark on my soul.