04.15.01 Byron Bay, Australia

East Coast Blues & Roots Festival Red Devil Park with Midnight Oil, Taj Mahal and The Phantom Blues Band, Emmylou Harris, Little Feat, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - East Coast Blues & Roots Festival - Byron Bay, Australia

BHIC headlined. Ben started the night off by saying, "I just had the best day of my life, how about you?" He thanked the Young family (as in Nat Young, Aussie surfing legend) for teaching him how to surf "Cause God knows I need it!"

Who Went

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My First Ben Harper Gig Wow , blew me away still one of the best live sets (by anyone) I have ever seen. It was just after Live from Mars was released (in Fact went on sale the Thursday before). and Ben finished of the finished of the night Faded / Whole lotta love.

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Almost crushed to death!! Who cares!. My second Ben concert, and my first blues festival. The guys were in fine form, and the experience was awe-inspiring. It's nice to see someone who respects his fan's like Ben does, not to mentions plays a killer show. The energy was amazing and the band oustanding (David Leach, how do you do it?) Fantastic, can't wait till next time.

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Unreal, what a night, what a day, what a weekend, with BH finishing it off with an uplifting, spiritually charged performance, this man has, got a lot of things going for him, but the one thing that keep me buying his music and seeing him live is the bond he can make with a huge crowd, I always feel as if he really appreciates each and every person in the crowd. All that I can say is "luv ya work Ben"

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What an incredible show....first thing ben said : "I had the best day of my life today. What about you ?"
The setlist is incomplete. Ben also played I shall not walk alone in the end of the first encore, Burn one down was played with "with my own two hands".
Just Awesome and the other show was probably better.....