04.20.01 Philadelphia, PA

Hill Field University of Pennsylvania with Black Eyed Peas

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Spring Fling Concert. The setlist might be incomplete.

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Way chill show! Great Weather! And a great location! Lots of weed and best live show I have seen from him in a long time. Props go out to the Black Eyed Peas they got the crowd going!

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Ben Harper's 4/20 concert was amazing and inspirational. It was my first Ben show, and definitely not my last, I can't wait until he comes back. The setlist was incredible and Ben's talent to play and sing with such emotion is indescribable. Everything about him is beautiful. I will positively be seeing him as soon as he begins touring again.

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What a freakin amazing show. Juan's bass solo was the best Ive heard and of course Ben was the man. I loved Sexual Healing- cant get enough of that song. It was a killer night me and my peops are gonna remember forever. Thanks Alot BEN and THEICs

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i want to have sex with ben!!!!!!!!!!

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My name is Linz-I LOVE BEn Harper. I had fun. I can't wait to have MoRE Fun when Ben comes again. I can't wait-
He He!!!!!!!!!!!

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The 4/20 Ben Harper show, was the most amazing and emotional show I have seen in a while. I stood right in front of Ben with all my friends just staring at him in amazement as he sat there and played is slide guitar. The atmosphere was so tranquil as the thousands in the crowd stood in Hill Field in total silence during Ben's acoustic encore. The trip down to Philadelphia was well worth it.

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Once and again harper, simpy amazes me! Not only was the song list amazing, but it left me craving more. Even though i had been standing in the same spot for hour i would have gladly stood for more. Vodoo chile had allot more vamping and noodeling then im used to, it was fresh and fun. if ben keeps playing shows like this, im going to foget why i go to see other concerts. 4/20 was 100% chill. the light rain at the then end of the show... heavenly

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the 420 show i had to be at......
and it was well worth the roadtrip from NY
black eyed peas were chill, but the crowd was there for MR. HARPER.....

he did not let the crowd down!

five star show

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Have seen Ben about 12 times, and this was one of my favorite shows. Setlist, acording to my notes, is missing "The Will to Live", which I think was after "Forgiven". Band was in great spirits. "Voodoo Child" had a long "Kashmir" tag. "Two Hands" had many folks clapping along, and "Sexual Healing" is a sure fire crowd pleaser. "Please Bleed" had great intensity. No Nick Rich so Juan did most of the scratching on the bass, and closed the song out with a wicked solo. The silence for the acoustic encore was amazing. Ben also predicted Sixers vs. Lakers in the finals, and pointed out David as being a Knicks fan. Slight rain during "Faded>Whole Lotta Love" which ended this great show.

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It was great to see Ben on 4/20 but it wasnt as great as his fall show in syracuse. There were a lot of people there who didnt even know who Ben was, but i still enjoyed the show. He was on espn last night playing Ground on Down!! Can't wait for Albany, 2 days!!!

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this was an amazing show-ben is an amazing live performer and he never fails to please me when i see him-the way he captivates the audiences attention is amazing-during his acoustic "you shall not walk alone" it was amazing to see 7,000 people stand there in silence and watch him play with so much emotion-i was lucky enough to watch the show with members of the black eyed peas and standing there we were all loving every second of the show-his version of voodoo child and burnin and lootin' were inspirational-reminds me of bob marley-i was not lucky enough to ever see bob marley play but seeing how ben plays his songs and resembles him is amazing in itself-great show

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The crowd was way too rowdy where i was for the Black Eyed Peas (Near the front). though they were still good. But ben totally rocked, the burnin and lootin was amazing as was the sexual healing and forgiven. i still would've like to have heard like a king> i'll rise or gold to me> fight for your mind (i still havent seen those yet) but overall a great show!!

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Pretty chill show. 4/20!!!!!!!
Definitely didn't compare to his fall show at the Electric Factory, though. But I was still pleased.

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my friend called me after the show while waiting by the buses and i got to talk to juan and mr. butterworth. be said he didn't want talk because he only uses the earpiece on cell phones. i was all the way in san jose california and got to talk to these guys. it's cool how far they reach out for there fans