04.22.01 New Haven, CT

Yale Quad Yale University

I Was There
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After "Glory & Consequence" at a performance for Yale Students only, a fan threw a football on stage. Ben grabbed it and threw it back and forth with the crowd. After the first toss, he said, "That's a funny ball." At that instant, another football came flying in and hit David's percussion setup. Ben remarked, "Now, what's he doing at Yale?!" Later on before the second encore, Ben jammed a little country twang, and the crowd started to get onto it. Ben stopped and said, "If you want to get White People going, play some Country SHIT!!!! They will start hee-hawen' and ho-downin' and fiddlen and shit!! That shit will go! It's true, y'all know it's true!! It's cool. And the Black folks come with the funk, alright!!!" He proceeds with "Look, I got plenty of white blood/black blood running through me, so I have the right to hate everyone equally, so it's cool!!!!"

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ah, yes, the good old days. i remember when ben played upside down. or maybe it was me (who was upside down). i'm not entirely sure. but he was a talented goofball; no one denies that he actually exists.