04.27.01 Washington, DC

McDonough Arena Georgetown University

I Was There
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Juan injected part of the Outkast song, "So Fresh So Clean" into his bass jam during "Fight For Your Mind."

Who Went

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It was a truly amazing concert, one that I will remember for many years to come. What made it even more special was the fact that they played on my campus. The transition and contrast yet the unity between the acoustic and electric sessions was amazing. Also, I was very glad to once again see the individual talents of each performers in their solos. The entire band is such an amazing group.

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wat can i say?
it was fukn shit

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Ben and the Innocent Criminals came to Georgetown and put on an amazing show that truly kept the crowd enthralled. The set list was great and the way he and his band members jammed really showed off their individual skill and talent. The most unique aspect of the show was the changing of guitars during each and every song. I hope that Ben comes back again next year!

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Ben kicked ass and then took it's name. He played great songs and played them greatly. The band is great, they all play their respective intruments greatly. When Ben plays, he sits in a chair, that's great!