04.29.01 Hartford, CT

Mather Hall Quad Trinity College

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Mather Hall Quad - Hartford, CT

Encore 1

Student-only show.

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Unfortunately, I got to the concert a little late, but when I arrived I heard Ben screamin' out the words to the Bob Marley tune "Burnin' and Lootin'" I knew I hadn't missed much. This was the my first Ben Harper concert, and I was extremely impressed. Sexual Healing was awesome and so was the Will To Live. Ground On Down was absolutely pumpin', I thought it waws better than the version on Live from Mars. I hope Ben comes to my college next year and helps ring in our spring vacation. Anyway, I hope to see another BH and IC concery again. Soon.

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Ben Harper blew the crowd away at Trinity College on April 29. There was anticipation as we all waited for Ben to appear on stage. When he walked onstage a huge roar came up from the crowd, he gave the peace sign and settled into his chair. The band blasted into Manic Depression to start the show. Ben and the band were on fire. Performing the hell out of each song. The crowd was into and at one point a girl passed her digeradoo to Ben as a gift. She climbed on stage to play it, however it was clear she could not play. Ben shook her hand and she went back into the audience. The group was tight, all playing as one. Juan played a solo right in front of me, he was about 6 feet away. Ben played about 11 to 12 songs altogether. Ben played Walk Away, solo for part of the encore and then the band joined him for Faded/Whole Lotta Love, which had the crowd yelling and screaming. Some standout songs were: Burn One Down, which featured David playing right at the edge of the stage. Excuse me Mister, which featured in my opinion one of Bens finest vocals. During Steal my Kisses, Ben got up and started to groove to the beat. All and all a top rate performance. I was confused as to why Ben did not play a second encore but i believe its because the crowd was a little too rowdy throwing a beach ball on stage that bounced close to Ben and hit David's set. Or it could be Ben was tired because it sang so loudly and passionately he must have been exhausted. I took some photos and will try to have them posted peace guys