04.30.01 Towson, MD

Towson Center Arena Towson University

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i met J5 this night !!! what a great pal !!!

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I had been waiting for over four years to be in the same place where a Ben Harper show was taking place. Finally, my wish was granted and it was better than I could have imagined. The concert was the epitomy of what Ben does best - combining rock, blues, soul and gospel. From start to finish was like going through a journey with Ben, "Faded" being the climax of it all. He has the voice of an angel and each member of the band shines on their own. Definitely the best live music performance I have ever seen. Let's hope i don't have to wait another four years to do it all again.

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This was my second Ben Harper concert and to say how amazing it was would be an understatement. The lineup of songs was great and it couldnt have been better. Silence fell over everyone when Ben did his solo performances and his voice was enough to take your breathe away. I can't wait to see him again in concert.

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This was my first Ben Harper concert and words just can not describe how wonderful this concert was. He was amazing. His solo set left me speechless, breathless, and wanting more. I am now a lifelong fan, and can't wait until his next concert.

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Ben was definitely "on" for this show! David was on fire all night too! The fans were very cooperative, as you could hear a pin drop during Ben's solo songs.......I consider myself very lucky to have gotten six solo songs from Ben too! Not a gripe, just wish I'd been able to hear King/Rise or Gold/Fight ! Maybe next time.........

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I was not at this show, but looking at the set list....I would guess that it was amazing, as always. When I saw that Ben had played Forever, Indifference and I shall Not Walk Alone...WOW. Those songs, together, that is pretty amazing...all the fans that attended...you are pretty lucky.....Peace And I can't wait to see Ben in Cedar Rapids on the 13th.

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great show once again-ben stuck to "welcome to the cruel world" album-this is my favorite album so i was more than happy to only see a few newer songs-he played bob marley's "concrete jungle" and this was nice-his acoustic version of pearl jam's indifference was amazing too-ben never fails to amaze me