05.03.01 New Orleans, LA

State Palace Theater with Ozomatli

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The Blind Boys of Alabama made a surprise appearance and sang gospel versions of "Nobody's Fault But Mine", "I Want to be Ready", "Give a Man a Home" and "I Shall Not Walk Alone".... "Glory & Consequence" was on the encore setlist but not played.

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My first Saenger show in N.O. The notes the Blind Boys hit were incredible. The slide guitar of BH is amazing, this is the same Ben Harper that used to play west coast with Taj? what an amazing night with Ozo opening and the whole jazzfest craziness, my first jazzfest, i don't beleive I will ever miss one again


skye berns

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Those who were fortunate enough to be present at this show understand how special it was. There was such a surreal and spiritual vibe. A truely rare and exceptionally moving experience. Ben, Thank you for sharing your passion!!

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Simply put, It was a religious experience. I remain in awe. I wept. I am still speechless. Thanks to Ben Harper, the whole band, and The Blind Boys for the most moving concert that I have ever experienced. Thank You, Ben

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What an amazing show! This was the first Ben Harper show i have been to and it WILL NOT be the last. I've been wanting to see Ben for a while now, but he's never been in my area so when i was going to JazzFest, there was no way i was gonna miss this one. And Ben did not let me down. He gives off so much positive energy that you can feel it inside you. The end of the show made it one of the most inspirational and memorable concert experiences i have ever been to (and i've been to quite a few). First of all, i could not believe that he could get the WHOLE State Palace Theatre crowd to be SILENT for not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT 4 SONGS! You seriously could have heard a pin drop in that place. The songs with the Alabama Blind Boys were UNREAL! There was so much feeling coming from the stage that if you didn't get teary-eyed during those songs, i don't think you even had a pulse at the time. I saw tears streaming down people's faces and it was hard to fight them back myself. I just want to thank the innocent criminals, the Alabama Blind Boys, and mostly Ben for an absolutely amazing experience.

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The New Orleans performance was unreal! The best Harper show I've seen so far. Starting the show with a very extended version of Breakin'Down (with bass solo and a duel between David and Dean), the rest of the night was filled of surprises. Many covers and "rare live songs". The night ended with a marvelous encore with the gospel group Blind boys of Alabama. The crowd was quiet, thanks to every one that wasn't afraid to make a strong but polite "SHHHHHHH!" before ben started to play.
The band came out of the bus to thank every one taht was waiting outside after the show. Even Ben that looked a little like a zombie (he said he left all his energy on stage) decided to prove once again that the fans are important to him by staying up a little longer.
Thank you ben,
Thank you every one that I met at the show for being so kind!
The trip from Quebec city was worth it!

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This was my first Ben Harper concert. There will be many more though! I'll go to every one that I can. I wanted them to keep playing forever, but I am thankful for the time I had. I have never had a better experience with music.
I want so badly to thank Ben Harper for the experience. I should have hung around the buses after the show, but it was already 3am and I had work at 8am.

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Last night I had the unbelievable pleasure of taking two friends to their first Ben Harper concert. Both of them agreed that they had never seen anything so amazing in their lives. It was the forth time I've seen Ben play and I have never heard him sing more beautifully. His performance with the Blind Boys from Alabama was so extraordinary that I actually wept. The entire crowd was completely silent in reverence to this extraordinary performance. For those of you who have seen Ben play I'm sure you understand.